Bare boudoir sessions are sometimes referred to by others as raw boudoir photoshoots, but a more accurate term is bare. Why bare? Because the name may give a bit of a hint at what it is. You are familiar with the term “bare face,” right? When you are not wearing any makeup. A bare boudoir session means you will not be wearing any makeup, and you will not even need to have your hair done professionally; instead, you will stick to your daily hairstyle. You don’t even need to pick out a bunch of outfits because you will be nude pretty much the entire time, so you will only need one. These boudoir pictures will also not have any edits done to the skin. Bare boudoir sessions are meant to empower you to get comfortable in and fall in love with your bare body so that even on days when you are not all pampered up, you will know you still look gorgeous.



I am not an ordinary boudoir photographer. I do not only provide pictures; I provide an unmatchable boudoir experience. The reason: I am not just a photographer; I am an empowerer, a listener, and more. Others shoot some pictures, and that’s it. They move on to their next client, sometimes within an hour or two. Which means they quickly forget about you. In their eyes, you were just another client. In my eyes however, you are way more. I will work with you to create an experience custom-tailored to your needs & desires. I do not follow a cookie-cutter routine. Although I offer predefined packages, they are simply a base for deliverables and have nothing to do with session duration, theme, etc. I take many factors into account, such as reasons for the session, relationship status, levels of confidence & comfort, experience, and so much more. When it comes to boudoir, you shouldn’t feel like you are only a client. This experience is highly intimate, and thus, the relationship should be more personal. I want you to view me as someone you can trust and come back to, even if it’s not related to my work. After our session, I will give you my non-business number so we can keep in touch. I schedule sessions with up to 3 days of buffer. Doing so eliminates time stress and allows me to give you the attention you deserve before, during, & after our session. This is why I book such a limited amount of boudoir sessions per month. I am a firm believer in quality over quantity.


I will listen to your needs and desires.
I will encourage and empower you.
I will be myself so you can be yourself.
I will make your experience comfortable yet fun.
I will give you the attention you deserve.
I will never rush you.
I will make you feel like the queen you are.
I will treat you and your images with respect.
I will keep any & every secret.

Below are my bare boudoir session packages and my bare boudoir session add-ons. Unlike other photographers, I do not keep my pricing hidden and surprise you with the price list after you committed to a shoot. There are no hidden fees or upsells here. If you need something different and more customized, click the button below the packages so we can discuss your needs.


$ 2163
  • 1 OUTFIT


$ 3708
  • 1 OUTFIT


$ 5253
  • 1 OUTFIT


$ 6798
  • 1 OUTFIT


$ 8343
  • 1 OUTFIT
  • 15 PAGE (30 SIDES) G.I.L.A


$ 9888
  • 1 OUTFIT
  • 25 PAGE (50 SIDES) G.I.L.A

* G.I.L.A stands for Genuine Italian Leather Album. A 12″ by 12″ album made from high-quality materials, including thick paper, premium ink, and of course, some of the most exceptional leather. The leather is black and features embossed lettering on the cover for an even more lush appearance.


The best place to have a boudoir session is in the warmth of your own home; this helps the images have a more natural personal feel, which is vital for boudoir photography. 

Alternatively if your home is not an option, a rental home or hotel can do. See my location options below in the boudoir session location add-ons section

For more information about where boudoir sessions can take place, see my post on boudoir photoshoot location ideas.

Yes you can bring a female friend, however, keep in mind that you are diluting the session. The stylist/artist will be there only until she’s done, then, it’s only you and I. Think of this boudoir session like wine, you can add water and still call it wine but will not be what it was meant to be. Boudoir is meant to be an intimate private experience adding a +1 that is not being photographed will only make things uncomfortable at different levels for everyone and in turn, the images will not be at their full potential in terms of being genuine and full of emotion. That is why I prefer and recommend one on one sessions. 

No, you do not. You do not have to be a model or have any experience in front of the camera. I will guide you as needed.

It is a montage of clips, choreographed or not, from the session. It is accompanied by music to fit the vibe. I will choose the song unless you have a specific request. The music must be copyright-free or by an independent musician. A license will need to be granted, so popular songs belonging to a giant record label are not eligible; no worries though; music with little to no lyrics is best for boudoir anyways. The boudoir video can be split into different videos for each outfit. Additional length can be purchased.

Retouched images have edits made to them, such as lighting, color correction, eye sharpening, skin smoothing, tattoo removals, & blemish removals. I advocate for little to no retouches for an authentic look because your ‘imperfections’ make you unique. I am not a fan of photographers who make women look like they have perfect plastic skin; I am all about the natural. However, it’s always up to you. We will go over what edits you want me to do. Remember that in a bare session, there will be no edits made to your skin except for the removal of temporary blemishes.

It’s a common misbelief that only around the number of images included in the package are taken; it is far from that. Each outfit results in hundreds of images. A mixture of the outfits & poses are selected, and the final touches are added. Additional photos can be purchased after if desired.

As long as it has to up to 24 hours. Remember, my sessions are not squeezed into time slots, I leave a lot of time cushion. How long it lasts depends on your chosen package and your experience. Extremely experienced women or models may use an hour for each outfit while the unexperienced may use up to 3 hours per outfit.

If needed, I am willing to extend the session past 24 hours and all the way to my next session (which is usually 48-72 hours after) if under the right circumstances, with a mutual verbal agreement. Whether that includes additional payment or not. 

Nope. Removing pieces from an outfit does not make it a new outfit. You can remove it all the way to fully nude and it will still be considered the same outfit. Although I like to say the best outfit you can wear is your own skin, nudity is involved and not considered an outfit. It is only considered a new outfit if you change your lingerie or if two items or more are changed or added.

Although I prefer one on one sessions for boudoir, I can do boudoir sessions with more than one. For duo boudoir sessions, you can add a partner or friend for $465. Note that you two will be in every single shot, no solo pictures, you will have to book a separate session for solos.

For group or special event sessions the price per person is negotiable.

Reminder: I only photograph females in boudoir sessions. If you want to include males, take a look at my erotic sessions.

Yes, you can choose from one of my boudoir styles: Dark, Dreamy, or Signature.

Yes. We will sign a legally binding digital agreement that outlines our session. You will receive PDF copies for your records.

I accept most payment methods, including Venmo, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, credit or debit cards, bank transfers, checks, and even cryptocurrencies. I also accept cash but if it is your first session with me, a partial online payment will need to be done before I schedule you in.

Full payment is due right after signing. If on an installment plan, down payment is due.

Yes! Possibly the best gift you can give to a woman. You’ll give them an amazingly unforgettable experience that no material gift can do.

I will provide a beautiful personalized digital image with their name and what they are receiving, which you can send to them.

Yes! For every friend you refer to me, you will receive a $100 Amazon Gift Card or $300 off your next session.

You can expect to receive your digital pictures within two weeks, with the average being one week. For prints and gifts, it may take up to 2 months depending on how busy we are. So if you plan on buying those do schedule your date months ahead of gifting time.

Your photos & videos will be encrypted and stored securely on Amazon’s cloud storage servers. You will be given a secret link to access your private folder from which you can view & download them anytime.

Your privacy is very important to me; I will never share your images without your approval. I will only post your pictures on my socials, portfolio, or publications if you are okay with it. You can also decide whether you want to be attributed or not and whether you want to use your legal name or fictitious name. Some women are ok with me publishing their images as long as their face is not fully shown, so that is also an option.



The session location rate is for every 24 hours.

  • House $515

    Nice & comfy. May have a small yard. Average size is 1200 square feet.

  • Premium House $2060

    Likely has a pool. It is surrounded by nature or on the hills. Average size is 2500 square feet.

  • Luxury House (Villa) $5150

    Guaranteed pool. Lots of indoor and outdoor space, hidden or on the top of a hill for ultimate luxury & privacy. Average size is 5000 square feet.

  • Premium Apartment $1030

    Modern unit in the city on the upper floor. Average size is 1400 square feet.

  • King/Deluxe Hotel Room $309

    Offers a king sized bed, sofa, bathroom, and amazing view. Average size is 400 square feet.

  • Hotel Suite $515

    Offers a king sized bed, living room, bathroom, and amazing view. Average size is 800 square feet.

  • Presidential/Luxury Hotel Suite $824

    Offers a king sized bed, living room, dining room, bathroom, and amazing view. Average size is 1500 square feet.


  • Additional Retouched Image $155

    Receive an extra retouched image (Limit: 100)

  • Additional Boudoir Video $515 per 30 sec.

    Receive additional edited video that can be applied to your boudoir video or made into a separate boudoir video.


If I am in your area, I can deliver them to you, if not, I will have them shipped.

  • 12x12 G.I.L Photo Book $1236

    15 spread (30 sides) high quality semi-gloss paper enclosed in genuine Italian leather.

  • 12x12 G.I.L Album $1485

    15 spread (30 sides) high quality thick lustre photo paper enclosed in genuine Italian leather.

  • 12x12 G.I.L Album $1854

    25 spread (50 sides) high quality thick lustre photo paper enclosed in genuine Italian leather.

  • 36x48 Wood Framed Poster $804

    High quality matte paper poster framed within a premium wooden frame.

  • 24x36 Wood Framed Canvas $1020

    High quality cotton canvas framed within a premium wooden frame.

  • 20x30 Jigsaw Puzzle $186

    High quality 1014 piece puzzle (20x30 when assembled).

  • 23x29 Wall Calendar $124

    Premium calendar with plenty of space. (Next year's calendar).