Male Cuddler for Women

Are you looking for a male cuddler who is warm, funny, open-minded, and overall an uplifting cuddle partner? You found one! My name is Jonathan and I offer a ‘go to you’ cuddle experience like no other. I am here to give you all the good vibes and oxytocin you need. 

As a professional boudoir photographer, I specialize in helping women with many aspects of life such as self-confidence and relationships. A boudoir is a safe, open, and fun space where women can relax and be themselves, I take this same mindset into account when providing a cuddle session.

I am an excellent listener, and I am extremely genuine. I can be vulnerable so that you can be vulnerable. Having been in one-on-one therapy and group therapy for many years, I have acquired a lot of knowledge on how to comfort people. One of the best ways to do so is with physical touch, especially a good hug or cuddling session. 

Cuddling for Any Woman

My cuddle sessions are open to any woman of at least eighteen years of age. My cuddle sessions welcome women of any relationship status and background.

Single women: Perhaps you have not been in the dating scene for a while, or you might have some fears holding you back from getting the touch and care you yearn for. You want to be in a relationship, but you don’t quite know how or what to do. Maybe you’re feeling broken or insecure because something happened before, and you’re worried it will happen again. Or maybe you just don’t want a committed traditional relationship, for any reason, but you want someone to talk to, someone who will actually listen to you, someone who will care, and of course someone to cuddle with.

Married women: You are probably here so you can get what’s missing in your marriage. I get it. I know how hard it can be to live without love and touch. Furthermore, I know many husbands these days are not giving their wives the attention they need. There is too much stimulation for men: video games, alcohol, drugs, endless videos of nonsense and adult content. I know how much you yearn to be loved, listened to, and held like you were earlier in your marriage.

Widowed women: I know it has been hard for you after the loss of your spouse. I understand it can be difficult to get back out there. Maybe you don’t want another serious relationship but still crave love, attention, and touch.

Whatever your relationship status. Our sessions are sure to make you enjoy life again. I will hear you, give you the time and attention you crave, answer all the questions you may have, and help you release the worries and fears that are holding you back from what you desire. 

What a Cuddle Session Entails

All my cuddle sessions differ and are tailored specifically to your needs and desires. I am all ears and open-minded. I can cuddle in both outdoor & indoor settings. Whether you want to talk and vent or just be in silence, with music, or while watching a movie, documentary, a show, or YouTube videos. During our sessions I can also offer techniques to reduce stress and worry such as breathing, and positive affirmations. I am also big on fitness and can help you relieve stress with other activities, such as guided hands-on yoga. 

Additionally, my cuddle sessions allow you to ask me questions and explore. Maybe you’re curious about spirituality, mindfulness, meditation, yoga, or tantra. Maybe you have questions or concerns regarding relationships and sex that you’ve always had, but have never known who to ask or express them. 

As a bonus, I can cook! I have been told by many that I should be a chef! I like to cook healthy whole food dishes. I can cook for us at no extra cost. 


Yes, I can accompany you and drive you to events, parties, appointments, and any other errands you may have. I also offer travel options and can join you on your travels or vacations.

I can possibly spend longer periods of time with you. Be it a day, a weekend, or maybe even longer.

No worries at all. I know what it’s like. We don’t have to talk a lot or rush anything, we will go at your pace. 

For cuddling sessions, keep it simple and comfy. I recommend leggings or any other kind of yoga pants & a top of your choice.

I will wear a simple t-shirt and pants, though I am open to special requests.