Pricing starts at just $550, a tiny price for a priceless experience. 

Yes. You will receive access to the prints & gifts list during the booking process.

I rarely offer discounts but I do however offer a special for booking with friends, or, if you’d rather not have your session with a friend but they are also interested in a boudoir session, refer them to me & you will receive a 50$ Amazon Gift Card!

Yes! For every friend you refer to me you will receive a 50$ Amazon Gift Card!

No you do not. You do not have to be a model or have any experience in front of the camera. I will tell you how to pose, place your trust in me & we will create amazing pictures.

I will only show your pictures on my portfolio if you decide to let me. If you do let me share them, you can use a fictitious name or no name at all. Your privacy is important to me.

Of course I can, that would make it a retouched image. However, I personally do not like doing too much editing, especially on the body because your ‘imperfections’ make you unique. I am not a fan of photographers who make women look like they have perfect plastic skin, I am all about the natural.

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