Clear out a few days

Really my boudoir & erotic sessions are meant to be a sexual "vacation" where you will embark on a journey to self love & sexual empowerment, so like any vacation, I recommend you clear out about 3 days, 1 before & 1 after your main session day. This ensures you won't feel rushed or stressed during your session & makes timing more flexible.


I know that this experience can be daunting & you might be feeling anxious yet excited but this only means you are doing something outside your normal routine, we tend to worry too much so going back to the 1st tip of clearing out a day before make sure you loosen up, listen to music, meditate & practice breath work etc... You will be spending a lot of time & resources for this special moment so the last thing you want is to not enjoy the experience.

Have outfits & accessories ready

Make sure you have all outfits ready to go, you can ch. Make sure to try everything on before your shoot to make sure it fits perfectly. Make your accessories such as bracelets & necklaces are nice & clean!

Pamper yourself

Make sure you look your best before the session! I recommend: you get a facial, get your eyebrows & hair done, & get a manicure and pedicure done! Your hands & feet will be used in very sensual, creative ways so you want to make sure they're looking their best.


Pretty much the same as the tips above except there is no focus on outfits & the session can be done on tighter schedule but I still recommend clearing out about 24 hours.

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