Benefits of a boudoir session.

The 5 Benefits of a Boudoir Session

Want to know the benefits of a boudoir session? Questioning whether you should book a boudoir session? You should book, and I will lay out the top 5 benefits to doing so. Read about all of them & when you make it to the end there’s a bonus one!

1) A Boudoir Session Will Empower You!

As humans, we are our harshest critics. We regularly criticize ourselves over our perceived physical flaws and imperfections. We compare ourselves to others, whether we realize it or not. Even with the current self-love movement, the social media movement that pushes loving our bodies and feeling comfortable in our skin. It is hard to quiet the voice in our head that points out our “undesirable” traits. Having a boudoir session is an opportunity to tell that wicked voice in your head to shut the fuck up!

The main benefit of a boudoir session is that a genuine boudoir session is a very empowering experience. You get to explore the sexy side you probably did not know you had. You get to wear sexy lingerie outfits in front of someone without the fear of being judged. Instead, you will receive authentic compliments & praise, so when it comes time to use those outfits again, you will be confident knowing you look great in them. The images taken will prove that to you. Think you don’t have a sexy side in you? Here is why you’re wrong.

2) It Makes a Great Gift!

Have an intimate partner or someone you could gift some sexy photos too? Boudoir is the perfect gift for someone you are intimately close with. Whether you’re just getting started together or have been together for years, a beautiful set of playful and or sexy images of the woman they love will surely fill them with joy.

Currently single? You can gift yourself! At the end of the day, boudoir is about you. It’s about giving yourself the gift of self-love. A gift to yourself that will liberate you from society’s pressures & shame. A gift that will embrace your sexuality, to be you & be happy with who you are, because you’re amazing, and it’s time for you to realize it. As a woman, you are naturally more of a please them first before me. Boudoir is all about you. Do it for you, pamper yourself. Love every minute! You will have pictures of the experience that you can cherish forever. And when you find that special someone, you will be able to gift them your boudoir session experience, your sensuality, your pictures, you.

3) You Can Get Out of Your Comfort Zone!

Do you feel like things are getting boring? Do you need a little edge in your life but don’t want to do something you’ll later regret? A boudoir session is an excellent way to get out of your comfort zone in a completely safe way. Our lives have a dash in the middle. What I mean is when someone passes away, there is always a starting date and an end date. Between those two dates is a dash referencing the time you were alive. You should experience as much as you can within that dash. Your comfort zone is meant to be pushed. Otherwise, you’re not experiencing and living. You’re only surviving.

Let me talk a bit more about uncomfortableness. It seems and feels like a thing you should avoid, right? For the most part, you should not avoid the feeling. The feeling associated with experiencing it is just a temporary sensation of nervousness. Also referred to as having butterflies in your stomach. It’s not going to stick with you, like everything in life, it will pass. Being comfortable means you plateaued, in other words, you haven’t done anything new! Every time we try something new, we get that uneasy feeling due to the fear of uncertainty, but if we stayed in a state of comfort, we would probably still be hunters and gathers doing the same thing we needed to survive. So bringing this back to boudoir, a boudoir session is an experience that can push you out of your comfort zone. You can get out of it in a safe and fun way.

4) Boudoir Is a Great Destresser!

When was the last time you relaxed, seriously, I am not talking about the quick cheat snack or meal. No, I am not talking about that great workout or sleep you had. I’m talking a minimum of 24 hours. A full day of “me time”. You might be thinking of that “vacation” you took but was it really? Was the day all about you? If you’re a mom I know the answer is definitely no, you were probably stressing about making the schedules on time, finding what to eat, & making sure your kids are happy like any mother would do. In today’s world everyone is running around & keeping up with the latest trends or news, constant notifications, constant ads, it gets to you after a while, right? We live very hectic lives and especially if you’re a woman your instinct is to help others even if causes you stress. You need to take a break from it but make it about you, only you, your pleasure, your time. A boudoir session is a perfect piece to that. If you’re thinking the last thing you would want to do is get in front of the camera hear me out. Boudoir is all about you, you’re the center of attention, you’ll feel like the queen you are, not just someone’s mother, employee, wife, or daughter. You will not feel stress in fact, you’ll feel the opposite, happy, sensual, and carefree.

I do want to point out that if you want to destress you need a premium boudoir photographer like myself. A higher price does mean a higher quality experience when it comes to boudoir. Low-cost providers are usually in a rush to get as many clients as possible to make up for their low rates which may result in you not receiving the photographer’s full attention. You can usually spot the low-cost/quality ones when they have time caps on their sessions usually 1-3 hours or as low as half an hour. This is because they fit in multiple clients in one day. I think boudoir sessions should not be so time-restricted, the time limits are what leads to stress as you will be thinking about how much time you have left. Even if the session does not last more than 3 hours, (rare for me) you were not under the stress of time. I suggest you find a photographer who offers non-timed or full-day sessions. I am one of those as I only book one session per day & I generally only do three sessions per week.

5) You Get to Feel Like a Model!

Ever wanted to be a model? Maybe when you were younger? Well, I have some good news, a boudoir session will for sure make you feel like a model. Like a model that everyone wants! The combination of having professionally touched hair & makeup plus a professional photographer with amazing skills wink equals a model lifestyle! Who knows, maybe you’ll really be feeling your inner sexy and confidence skyrocket & pursue a modeling career.

Bonus: You Get to Go Shopping!

Like shopping? Has it been a while since you last shopped for yourself? Now you have a reason to buy yourself some nice outfits, beautiful jewelry, & sexy lingerie. There are many good places to shop in person and online.

Now that you know the benefits of a boudoir session, I know you’re pumped to get your session started, be sure you choose a photographer who makes you feel comfortable. A boudoir session is an intimate and precious experience, the last thing you want is to feel uncomfortable during the whole experience.

Every woman should experience a boudoir session, at least once! So go ahead & book that boudoir session!

Every woman is amazing & yes, that includes you. You give so much love & time to others that you forget to take a minute to appreciate yourself. So I am here to help you appreciate you & to help you remember that you deserve the best. You are worth it. If you are interested in working with me, feel free to send a message!

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