I am a photographer that specializes in shooting luxury & beauty using still and motion pictures. Anything from sexy yet safe Instagram-worthy pictures to all-out adult content. I work with women of all backgrounds in creating mouth-watering media that captures their sexy in the purest form.

Yes Jonathan Soltero is my real name. In case you are wondering why I have to say that, my last name Soltero means single man or unmarried in Spanish. I used to get teased a lot about it in school but as I grew up I actually ended up liking it, sounds fancy & an icebreaker for my fellow Spanish speakers. If you’re wondering if I will live true to that last name, well, I don’t know yet, only time will tell.

Anyways apart from using my name as my username (JonathanSoltero) I may use the username “Soltero” for a shorter & easier to find profile when the username is available on such platform.

During my teen years, I taught myself how to use the Adobe programs: Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Lightroom, etc… & I started editing photos & videos I took of my friends & family. After high school, I started taking my photography to the next level by photographing models & nature to push myself to go out more & be more social. I dabbled in many types of photography along the way, and I discovered that boudoir & erotic photography was what I enjoyed the most, so that is what I focus on today. I am very sex & body positive, I always have been. I know it is part of my calling. I felt it in my soul and was guided to this career by my watchful spirit & angels. I honestly thought I would be a video game developer until I failed miserably & asked God for guidance. Anyways, I get to help people continue a happy, enjoyable sex life through pictures. When I come across a doubtful woman with low self-confidence, I get to show not just tell her how beautiful & sexy she is. It makes me happy when I see a woman truly realize her worth, her strength, and her beauty.

I remember one day in a church, they were talking about being intimate & how something as simple as a kiss is sinful. We were being told that anything having to do with sexuality outside of marriage is a sin. Looking at someone you think is attractive? Sin. Self-pleasure? Sin. I was confused & angry, so I did some research & it seems like there are no bible verses about pleasuring yourself, having sex, etc. Just generalized verses that were being used to extract such ridiculous rules.

I believe sex is fundamental to life & love. I believe that sex is not sin as long as consenting, loving adults do it. Why do you think it is called making love, and not making hate? If God wants us to love each other as much as He loves us, don’t you think it would make more sense to have more sex which is one of the strongest expressions of love that we can physically feel. I see sex being a sin when it: only benefits one person, is purely for financial gain, harms someone, or craves it so much they would have sex anytime, anywhere, & with anyone—or engaging in the evil act of having sex with animals, also known as bestiality. I believe that is what real lust is, the urge to have sex no matter how disgusting and dangerous the scenario is. We are human, God gave us sex, I love it, and you should too. I thank God for such a wonderful gift. It should only be used when there is a mental & physical connection. We all have sexual urges, as long as we satisfy them safely and without causing harm or repugnance to you or someone else.

Ahh, life, it’s such a crazy thing to wrap our brains around, how did we get here, why are we here, is there more after our time here on Earth?

I like to question, A LOT. Probably too much, I would constantly question about everything & anything. Apparently questioning a lot is a show of intelligence & open mindedness which is a really good thing & I am glad I am this way, well for the most part as overthinking can lead to some dark places. 

Life is a trip of discovery. We experience ups and downs. It’s part of it; otherwise, it would be boring. Just like a roller coaster, it’s a lot more fun when it takes an unexpected dip, then zooms back up, goes upside down, sideways, you get the point. If the roller coast went from one point to another in a straight line, it wouldn’t be as exciting. A lot of people think what you are looking for is happiness, but the truth is, happiness can’t be found outside of you. What you are actually looking for are experiences. The good news is that we can be happy during the process of obtaining those experiences. If you are looking for it from external factors, you’ll never find it because you’ll want to do something new and better once you reached it. That’s how I know that we are actually looking for experiences, not happiness. Happiness can be part of it, but it is not the destination, because you can be happy right now.

My advice for a happy life is to  treat each second, each minute, each hour, each day, as a blessing. Time is the most valuable thing we have as humans so do what you love, life is too short to do anything else than what you want to do. 

I enjoy talking about life & having deep conversations. It helps connect us on an intimate level. When we work together don’t be shy about bringing up deep questions.