Why hello there. My name is Jonathan Soltero. Soltero is indeed my real last name. In case you are wondering why I have to say that, my last name Soltero means single man or bachelor in Spanish. I used to get teased a lot because of it as a kid. As I grew up, I found it to be really fitting, it also has an exotic & erotic ring to it (; Plus, it is an icebreaker for my fellow Spanish speakers.

What I do

I am a boudoir photographer that specializes in shooting luxury & beauty using still and motion pictures. Anything from sexy yet safe Instagram-worthy pictures to all-out adult content. I work with women of all backgrounds in creating mouth-watering media that captures their sexy in the purest form. 

Aside from being a photographer, I am an entrepreneur and designer / creative director. 

I also consider myself an empowerer & motivator. I motivate and empower people to pursue their goals, dreams, and desires in all aspects of life. 

How I Got into Boudoir & Why I Stayed

During my teenage years, I taught myself how to use the Adobe programs: Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Lightroom, etc… and I began editing photos & videos I took of my friends & family. After high school, I started taking my photography to the next level by photographing models and nature to push myself to go out more and be more social because at the time, I really struggled with anxiety. As I dabbled in many types of photography along the way, I came across an opportunity to shoot boudoir. I didn’t even know what it was until I did a Google search. Having already gotten more comfortable with my work I gave it a go and really enjoyed the experience. Miraculously around that same time I was presented the opportunity to acquire the Instagram handle @boudoir from an acquaintance which I gladly accepted. It felt as if the universe was telling me to continue with boudoir and thus I quickly realized that boudoir photography was meant to be.

Following that, I started looking up other boudoir photographers and quickly realized a trend, every photographer was treating boudoir as if it was just another type of photoshoot. Their approach was to book as many clients as possible, meaning their priority was money. I knew boudoir is meant to be so much more than pictures. It can be a very intimate and life changing experience and thus should be treated as such. I am very sex & body positive, I always have been, and being a very enthusiastic and motivating person I knew I could offer a true boudoir experience that not only includes amazing pictures but empowers women to be one with the sexual beings they are. When I come across a woman with low self-confidence, I get to show not just tell her how beautiful & sexy she is. It makes me so happy when I see a woman truly realize her worth, her strength, and her beauty. I know this is part of my calling. I can feel it in my soul. I love it.

More About Me

I am a lover of life. I am extremely optimistic & enthusiastic. I am not one to get stuck in the past or linger in a prolonged period of sadness or bitterness.

I am very open-minded and spend most of my free time learning and doing things that interest me. My favorite topics (in no specific order) include nutrition & fitness, love & sex, wealth & business, science & technology, nature & the universe, and spirituality. I can dive into these topics, usually getting philosophical and theoretical. I enjoy having deep conversations and listening to people’s biggest dreams and goals. Don’t be shy, I am the most supportive guy you’ll ever meet!

I am also into psychology and personality types.

Other quick facts:

Birthday: 9/9/98

Languages: English & Español

Favorite/spirit animal: Tiger

Hair: Black hair, with red hair strains { caused by having one MC1R gene

Eyes: Brown 

How to find me on other platforms

You may find me by searching for Jonathan Soltero, my username will either be @jonathansoltero or @soltero 

Be cautious as there are imposters and scammers out there, please do not contact any account unless it’s verified, instead, get in touch with me through my contact form to be safe.