/glam•dwär/ (𝘯𝘰𝘶𝘯)

Glamorous boudoir photography. 

Usually for public viewing and commercial use.

“Jonathan Soltero is an amazing glamdoir photographer!”

THE Origin

Glamdoir is a term I minted by combining the terms glamour & boudoir. This idea came to life when I decided to create a dedicated page where I could post boudoir pictures that feature a social media influencer or model. The model is glammed up and wears little to no clothing. They then pose in sensual, provocative, and erotic ways. The pictures are retouched to ensure an alluring perfect look with the intent to sell a product, service, or membership.


Glamdoir photography outshines glamour. Glamdoir photography is not ordinary glamour but a form of boudoir. The two genres of photography, boudoir, and glamour, merge to form a modern genre of sensual photography that brings the best of both worlds. The perfectly sexy looks of glamour, and the intimate, sensual, style of boudoir.

My glamdoir sessions provide professional models and influencers with a more intimate glamour photoshoot by incorporating key elements of a boudoir experience, such as:

A lax environment. A commercial use shoot doesn’t have to be strict and monotonous. My glamdoir sessions are far less tedious than a typical glamour photoshoot and provide a more let-loose environment, making the photoshoot a lot more fun and enjoyable.

An intimate connection. Boudoir can be very intimate, so it is important for both the photographer and the model to be on the same wavelength by being genuine, open, & vulnerable.

A sex positive policy. Being sex positive, I do not shy away from themes, fetishes, or requests. I can take any scenario and make it HOT. The sexier the image, the more enticing a proposition is for viewers.

A collaborative approach. Models are encouraged to pitch in ideas, poses, and looks.


Similar to my boudoir session rates, they vary on a session basis.

However, my glamdoir sessions are far more flexible and can even do a percentage-based partnership. 

I accept most payment methods, including Venmo, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, credit or debit cards, bank transfers, checks, and even cryptocurrencies.

To lock in a date and have the contract put together, there may be a minimum payment due as soon as possible. This payment guarantees that the day is all yours, meaning I will stop promoting such day as available. Thus, the payment is non-refundable. The remainder is to be paid immediately after signing.

Similarly, if on an installment plan, there is still a minimum down payment that is due as soon as possible to lock in a date and create the contract. Payments will then need to be paid as per the agreement.

For partnership plans, no payment is due upfront.

Any post-session add-ons such as additional pictures, payment will be due at the time of purchase.

Within two weeks for no rush deliveries but usually within one week. If the deadline is tighter, I can meet it. 

For maximum convenience, security, and quality. Your photos & videos will be encrypted and stored securely on my cloud storage. You will be given a secret link and passcode to access your private port from which you can view & download them anytime.

Yes. I also offer partnership & management services; I can accelerate your growth and multiply your revenue.  

Depends. Contact me to discuss.

Yes. We will sign a legally binding digital agreement that outlines our session. You may receive PDF copies for your records.


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