Studio photoshoots are currently unavailable. Sessions are limited to one per week. We may have your session at your home or rental home (whichever you feel is safest). We will exercise appropriate sanitary measures. I can wear a mask if you desire. If any of us feels sick, the session will be rescheduled around one month from the original date. Your safety & wellbeing is important to me. We will get through this.


Jonathan Soltero

Jonathan Soltero Photography

My name is Jonathan Soltero. I specialize in boudoir & erotic photography, including all similar genres/terms such as lingerie, swimwear, nude, etc.

Whether you think you weigh too much or too little, too short or too tall, introvert or extrovert, freshly an adult or a mature lady, single or married.

Whether the pictures are just for you, a significant other, or for the world to see. I not only want to be your photographer but someone you can trust. I promise that you will feel accepted & sexy working with me, which will have you in a relaxed, sensual state during the entire experience.

Jonathan Soltero

Boudoir Photography

Boudoir photography captures you in sensual ways without being too arousing. You will pose in lingerie and/or nude but the pictures are more about teasing & triggering imagination.

Jonathan Soltero
Jonathan Soltero

Erotic Photography

Erotic photography is the genre where anything goes, self pleasuring and sex works here. Lingerie tends to be sexier & nudity is of course needed. Creating stimulation is the goal.

Learn more about boudoir & erotic photography. Not sure which is right for you or have questions? Get a free consultation.

Ready to capture your sexy?

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