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When was the last time you did something amazing for yourself? Was it a self-gift, a vacation? Did it leave you fulfilled, change you for the better? Most likely, the answer is no. You rarely treat yourself; you focus on pleasing others so much that you forget about pleasing yourself. It’s time you treat yourself to one of the best adventures a woman can experience, boudoir—a sensual adventure of self-discovery and self-love. 


Do conversations about body and sex make you shy away? Do you feel like you are not sexy enough? Do you feel like men don’t notice you? It’s time you fix all of that in one go. One session with me is all it takes to start boosting your confidence through the clouds; you’ll leave the session with your head up higher than it has ever been. You will realize how amazing you are, how sexy you are, and how you deserve nothing less than the best. You’ll have everyone turning heads when you walk into a room. Oh and when someone flirts with you or talks about sex? Easy.


Are you doubting yourself and thinking that this may not be for you? Stop being doubtful; there is no correct body shape, weight, or height. Whether you are freshly an adult or a mature lady, single or married. Whether the pictures are just for you, a significant other, or for the world to see. Whether it’s your first time or your twentieth time. I gladly welcome you.

Meet your photographer and empowerer 

Jonathan Soltero

Hello, my name is Jonathan Soltero. I have nearly a decade of experience creating images. However, I don’t just provide images. I provide a boudoir experience that can not be matched by any other boudoir photographer. The reason: I am not just a photographer; I am an empowerer, a listener, and more. Others take your pictures, and that’s it. They move on to another client, sometimes within minutes or hours. Which means they quickly disremember you. In their eyes, you were just another client. In my eyes, you are way more; you are an astonishing woman, who desires attention and affection, who deserves to be treated right. This is why I book such a limited amount of boudoir sessions per month. I will take my time to make sure you are heard and satisfied. I will give you the attention you deserve before, during, & after your session. I am a firm believer in quality over quantity.

My aim

I am here to help you appreciate you & to remind you that you deserve the best. You are worth it. I want to work with you on an intimate level to create pictures that capture who you really are, a sexual, beautiful human being. I want you to feel comfortable with your body & your sexual energy so that you can hold a shameless healthy sex life.

My pledge to you

I will encourage and empower you.
I will listen to your needs and desires.
I will help you love and be kind to yourself.
I will be myself so you can be yourself.
I will make your experience comfortable yet fun.
I will give you the attention you deserve. (No rushing.)
I will make you feel like the queen you are.
I will provide guidance and posing direction.
I will capture sides of you that you didn’t know you had.
I will treat you and your images with respect.
I will keep private anything you want to stay between you and I. (Strict confidentiality.)

Jonathan Soltero

Boudoir Session

A boudoir session is your first step into self-love. Boudoir photography captures you in sensual ways without being too arousing. You will pose in lingerie and/or nude but the pictures are more about teasing & triggering imagination.

Jonathan Soltero
Jonathan Soltero

Erotic Session

Erotic photography is the genre where anything goes, self pleasuring and sex works here. Lingerie tends to be sexier & nudity is of course needed. Creating stimulation is the goal.

Learn more about boudoir & erotic photography. Not sure which is right for you or have questions? Get a free consultation.

Ready to capture your sexy?

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