Why hello there, my name is Jonathan Soltero. I specialize in boudoir photography. That includes all similar genres/terms such as erotic, lingerie, glamour (glamdoir), nude, etc. But to keep things simple and summarize my area of expertise, I chose the word boudoir. Why the word boudoir? Well originally, the boudoir was a private room in a house that was usually very posh. The boudoir was where a woman would undress and relax in. Nowadays those rooms are rare, they are outdated as now new homes are built with an open floor plan and are full of natural light (which I really like). That being the case, boudoir has expanded beyond a room and into the entire home, and even out in nature. However, boudoir lives on as a style of erotic and intimate photography. Carrying over the luxurious, relaxing, and intimate characteristics of the boudoir, the photography requires both the client and the photographer to work closely to capture very sensual pictures. Don’t get too ahead though, boudoir is WAY more than just steamy pictures. Boudoir is an experience like no other. Boudoir has the power to make you cry tears of joy. A true boudoir session is so powerful, some women go from extremely shy and self-doubting to some of the most confident women out there. Something a therapist would take years to help one with can be done in as little as 1 day.