Boudoir sessions, there are many types. There is no one type fits all. Boudoir sessions range from playful and cute to bold and HOT. My boudoir sessions are uniquely designed for every single one of my clients, meaning if I were to list every type of boudoir session, I would never be able to finish. So, I have grouped various forms of boudoir. Keep in mind that these forms can overlap for your session if desired.

Show off your youthful flirtiness with a boudoir session that’s full of giggles & smiles with a dash of sexy. Comfy, cute, yet sexy clothing like high socks and shirts with no bra are fan favorites in this boudoir.

Seductive boudoir is the heart of boudoir. Show them how sexy you can be with jaw-dropping pictures. A seductive boudoir session is also a great way to discover and unleash your sexy side. 

The boudoir sessions above are general and standard boudoir sessions. The following two boudoir sessions are for two of the biggest life milestones.

Bridal boudoir pictures are the finest wedding gift you can give your spouse. Plus, you’ll have a lot of fun making it. It’s a win-win gift! Bridal boudoir is elegant, bright, dreamy, and sexy. 

Maternity boudoir includes pregnant boudoir & breastfeeding boudoir. Maternity boudoir is a great way to store intimate memories of such a beautiful time that shows how amazing, strong, and beautiful you are.

The following two sessions are more powerful sessions with a stronger focus on improving confidence. 

Bare boudoir empowers you to love yourself even when you’re not all pampered up. No makeup, no clothing, no skin retouching, just you in your most natural form because you are naturally sexy & amazing.

Turning ordinary women into queens. These sessions are designed for women who struggle with confidence. For those who settled easily and spent most of their lives closed off but now desire more from life.

All the sessions so far are one on one sessions. However, you’ve probably heard of or seen pictures of “couple’s boudoir sessions,” so what if you want to bring your bestie, significant other, or others, into the session to share an erotic experience with? That is when you may open the boudoir.

Open up the boudoir and bring in other women and even men for an even more intimate and erotic session.