Yes I do, I am a traveling photographer. No distance is too far. I travel within the U.S. and beyond.

Most of my sessions have taken place at vacation homes. It’s no surprise, a boudoir session and a vacation go hand in hand.

Planning a vacation to an exotic destination and want to meet up there for a matching exotic boudoir session? Let’s do it.

Want to gallivant, then end the day with a sexy boudoir shoot? Those are my favorite kind of days.

Or maybe you don’t want to go too far but still need a well-deserved break from that busy life? A boudoir staycation it is.

The best place to have a boudoir session is in the warmth of your own home; this helps the images have a more natural personal feel, which is vital for boudoir photography. 

Alternatively, if your home is not an option or you prefer more of a vacation with your boudoir session, the second-best option is a rental home or villa.

Hotel suites with ample space and a queen- or king-sized bed can also work.

From my end, I do not currently have studio locations available, but I do plan on opening many around the world starting with the US in the near future. In the meantime, I can find and book a suitable location for us. See those rates in my boudoir session location add-ons section

For more information about where boudoir sessions can take place, see my post on boudoir photoshoot location ideas.

If applicable, the beauty stylist/artist will be there only until she’s done, then, it’s just you and me.

A genuine boudoir session is an intimate and private experience; an experience that should only be shared between a woman and her boudoir photographer. If a photographer has assistants during the shoot, you’re not experiencing a tue boudoir session, you’re having an extremely watered-down boudoir shoot, basically an ordinary photoshoot but in lingerie. Boudoir does not require a whole photo crew.

Think of a boudoir session like a nice fine wine. It is easily diluted by water, even one drop will change its whole structure. Sure, it is still wine, but you will not get the full taste of what the wine has to offer. It is no longer what it was meant to be. In boudoir’s instance, the water is adding more people to the room. Instantly removing vital boudoir elements such as the privacy aspect, and possibly the therapeutic aspect, including the listening, empowering, and connection.

You can bring a female friend if you really want to, however, keep in mind that you are diluting the session.

Inviting a friend to be a spectator will be too distracting while making things uncomfortable at various levels for everyone. The images will surely reflect this. They will seem overly staged and lack the genuine emotions one goes through when being sensual. 

If you want to have a boudoir session with them, then that would make more sense, contact me to discuss.

My boudoir sessions are an experience like no other. They are professional yet casual and laid back with no rush or worries. I’ve had clients tell me it’s like sensual therapy. They take the words right out of my mouth. I want to add, it’s also a journey and a vacation. A journey to sexual liberation and self-love. A sensual vacation in which you step away from your regular routine and truly discover your sexy side as you break free from society’s negative views on sensuality. You will reconnect with your whole body as you move around feeling & touching it while I empower you and show you sides you never knew you had. You will love yourself so much that you’ll probably never feel jealous of another woman ever again. Boudoir and sexual liberation are blissful, and I can’t wait for you to experience it, it’s as if a huge weight is lifted off you. You’ll be able to pursue sexual pleasure without guilt, anxiety, or shame because there is nothing to be ashamed of.

It’s imposible to say as every single session is unique but a typical session looks like this: recap of what was discussed beforehand > stretching & yoga > photoshoot begins > breaks & activities > photoshoot concludes > unwrap the day and discuss > wrap up. Again, that’s just a simplified standard agenda, the in between and the after varying the most. What I can say with certainty is that the session will include music, fun, & good vibes.

No, you do not, nor do you need to have any experience in front of the camera. I will guide you as needed.

Trust me, once you’re in the vibe, a lot of it will come naturally. 

Some poses may require flexibility and balance. We could do some stretching and yoga to relax and loosen up. If a pose is still unachievable, not a problem, we’ll simply try to modify it or move on to another pose.

Boudoir is for any woman, from any background, with any career. That includes all family focused women: moms, soon to be moms, aunts, grandmas. Career focused women: from those in an entry level job who desire more from life and need more confidence, to executives, nurses, & doctors. For those healing from past traumas, for those who want to find their inner sexy, the list goes on and on. The point being, boudoir is for any woman, boudoir is for YOU!

Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors; I see every woman as a work of art. However, I also fully understand the insecurities we all have about our bodies so it’s completely up to you. I usually say do not wait and book a session now. A lot of people are waiting for that “perfect moment”, I’ve realized those who live waiting for the perfect moment sadly never follow through with what they were waiting for. If you take action now you are more likely to act sooner rather than later in other aspects of life. Let’s not forget that boudoir is all about empowerment, a boudoir session will give you the willpower you may be missing. Once you see how amazing you already are, you’ll feel more motivated to keep on improving. You can even have a follow up boudoir session once you’ve reached a body milestone. Then you will look back and realize you were amazing then and you are amazing now.

There are a few things you will need to make sure you do in order to have a successful boudoir session. Yes, preparing might be a bit stressful, but don’t worry, it’s nothing you can’t handle!

Firstly, I highly recommend you clear out a few days around your session date. Start shopping for outfits, it’s a good idea to start shopping for lingerie ASAP, especially if ordering online because of delays and returns. As a reminder, I can help with choosing outfits. Continue to eat a healthy diet that works for you while making sure to get enough water as well. Get a pedicure, a manicure, & a facial. You’ll then want to figure out what you want to do with your body hair. A full body wax is highly recommended but not required.

For a comprehensive guide have a look at my article: How to Prepare for Your Boudoir Session.

Boudoir isn’t about lingerie, while lingerie is a boudoir staple, you can wear whatever you want or nothing at all.

Nope. Removing pieces from an outfit does not make it a new outfit. You can remove it all the way to fully nude and it will still be considered the same outfit. Although I like to say the best outfit you can wear is your own skin, nudity is involved and not considered an outfit. It is only considered a new outfit if you change your lingerie or if two items or more are changed or added.

You are not required to go nude. I may give you a little nudge and empower you to do so but you will not be pushed into it. That being said, I highly recommend you go nude at some point so you can finally be comfortable with your beautiful naked body. I am aware that many are not there yet or for any other reason are not comfortable doing so. Maybe your first session involves no nudity and later for your next session, you’re ready to go nude, that’s perfectly ok.

Apart from obviously needing to be an adult, there is no right age range for a boudoir session, I welcome all ages over eighteen with many of my boudoir session clients being over forty.

Of course. I used to be shy and awkward, so I know what it’s like. 

A boudoir session with me will greatly help you come out of your shell. My sessions are no rush sessions; patience is of virtue. I will help you be at ease 

You may benefit from a more powerful, confidence focused session, check out my bloom boudoir sessions.

I completely understand but let me tell you, there is nothing to worry about. The nerves come from doing something different, even if that different may be good for you. You’ve never done anything like this, of course it will cause butterflies. If you are someone who’s never been truly comfortable with your sexual side, it can be even more nerve racking. I want you to know that I will guide you and be with you through the entire process, from the day you first reach out, to the actual day, and beyond. This is a very intimate experience. I want to be someone you can trust. The trust that needs to be built not only for a successful boudoir session, but a fruitful relationship, starts way before the first picture is taken. We’ll cover a lot of things beforehand; I’ll listen to your requests, answer every question, and respond to every concern you might have. No question, concern, or request will go unanswered. I can reassure you that although it can be intimidating from the outside, once things start rolling it won’t be as scary and those nerves will be more about excitement than worry.

I understand that one of the reasons you may feel uncomfortable wearing nothing but underwear or getting naked has to do with me being fully clothed, while you’re wearing little to nothing. I realize that could be uneasy for you, and for some, it may even be perceived as belittlement or degradation. 

I now take this into account for every boudoir session. While I usually remove any outerwear (jacket, coats, etc.) and footwear (shoes & socks), I can remove more. We will discuss your preferences and requests beforehand. 

I strive to make your experience comfortable yet fun. I do this by moving away from the rigid & business like atmosphere, that of which other photographers stick with, to a more sans souci or casual & worry free atmosphere. This unique approach creates a balance of comfort and exhilaration. That of which allows for the removal of my clothes as well, providing a more intimate and open environment.


Absolutely, this is all about YOU! While I know what’s best, you are more than welcome to contribute in any way. I will gladly take your ideas and make them a reality. If you have concepts or props you’d like to include, do let me know.

Yes, you can choose from one of my signature photo styles: Bright & Glammy, Warm & Dreamy, or Dark & Moody.

You can then choose what level of skin smoothing and retouching you want. From natural to plastic.

Yes I do. Do note that my boudoir sessions for couples and group sessions get a lot more erotic than what you may have seen online.

No. Some photographers do shoot men in a boudoir style and call it “dudeoir.” I am not one of those photographers, I specialize in boudoir and working with women. However, I can shoot men in a erotic boudoir shoot for couples.

When you lock in a date, it guarantees up to a full 24 hours. 9 AM on your chosen day, to 9 AM the following day.

How long your session actually lasts depends on your chosen package and your experience. Extremely experienced women or models may use about an hour for each outfit, while the inexperienced may need up to 3 hours per outfit. 

I cannot emphasize this enough; you should not have to feel time-limit pressure when it comes to boudoir. That is why I offer a guaranteed 24 hours for every client and leave a lot of time cushion in between my sessions. Additionally, if needed, I am willing to extend the session past 24 hours if under suitable circumstances.

Boudoir is a luxury experience. If anything, I might be charging less than I should. My rates are based on the amount of time and passion I put into my work & the value I bring to this experience. Not to mention the costs of day-to-day expenses, and upkeep of my highly secure, private, and fast, website. Or my best-in-class photography gear and software. I am an upscale photographer for a reason.

Additionally, I give my clients the attention they deserve, before, during, and after, which is why I book such a limited number of boudoir sessions per month.

Think of my boudoir sessions like an exotic premium car brand, Lamborghini, or Bugatti as examples. They make a limited number of cars because they make sure each is of high quality & each client’s experience is top-notch. Compared to a car brand like Toyota who manufactures tons of cars.

If you are looking for a cheap boudoir photographer, there are plenty out there for you but be warned, cheap boudoir comes at the expense of other things.

Yes. We will sign a legally binding digital agreement. 

For your convenience, I accept all popular payment methods, including Venmo, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, credit or debit cards, bank transfers, checks, and even cryptocurrencies.

To lock in a date and have the contract put together, there is a $1,000 payment due as soon as possible. This payment guarantees that the day is all yours, meaning I will stop promoting such day as available. Thus, the payment is non-refundable. The remainder is to be paid after signing. 

Similarly, if on an installment plan, there is still a $1,000 minimum down payment that is due as soon as possible to lock in a date and create the contract. Payments will then need to be paid as per the agreement.

Any post-session add-ons such as additional pictures, payment will be due at the time of purchase.

Retouched images have edits made to them, such as lighting, color correction, eye sharpening & skin retouches including, skin smoothing, tattoo removals, & blemish removals. I advocate for little to no skin retouching for an authentic look because your ‘imperfections’ make you unique. However, it’s always up to you. You may choose what intensity of skin smoothing you want.

Lighting, color correction, & eye sharpening are standard edits done to all pictures.

Note: I do not reshape (slim or make curvier) your body with editing. I take the “no lies, just angles” approach.

It is a montage of clips, choreographed or not, from the session. It is accompanied by music to fit the vibe. I will choose the song unless you have a specific request. The music must be copyright-free or by an independent musician. A license will need to be granted, so popular songs belonging to a giant record label are not eligible; no worries though; music with little to no lyrics is best for boudoir anyways. The boudoir video can be split into different videos for each outfit. Additional length can be purchased.

It’s a common misbelief that only around the number of images included in the package are taken; it is far from that. Each outfit results in hundreds of images. A mixture of the outfits & poses are selected, and the final touches are added. Additional photos can be purchased after if desired.

You can expect to receive your digital pictures within two weeks, with the average being one week. For prints and gifts, it may take up to 2 months depending on how busy we are. So, if you plan to buy those do schedule your session date months ahead of gifting time.

For maximum convenience, security, and quality. Your photos & videos will be encrypted and stored securely on my cloud storage. You will be given a secret link and passcode to access your private port from which you can view & download them anytime.

Your privacy is very important to me; I will never share your images without your approval. I will only post your pictures on my socials, portfolio, or publications if you are okay with it. You can also decide whether you want to be attributed or not and whether you want to use your legal name or fictitious name. Some women are ok with me publishing their images as long as their face is not fully shown, so that is also an option.

I usually only watermark images when I am going to share them on a social media platform. My watermark is elegant, subtle, and noticeable but not distracting. As a result, some clients do like having my mark on their images. If you desire, you can choose for me to add either my logo or my signature to your images. 

Yes! Possibly the best gift you can give to a woman. You’ll give them an amazingly unforgettable experience that no material gift can do.

I will provide a beautiful personalized digital image with their name and what they are receiving, which you can send to them.

Yes. For every friend you refer to me, you will receive a $100 Amazon Gift Card or $300 off your next session.