The best place to have a boudoir session is in the warmth of your own home; this helps the images have a more natural personal feel, which is vital for boudoir photography. 

Alternatively, if your home is not an option, a rental house, apartment, villa, etc… works well. Hotel suites & rooms with a queen or king bed can also work.

See my location options in the boudoir session location add-ons section. For more information about where boudoir sessions can take place, see my post on boudoir photoshoot location ideas.

Yes, you can bring a female friend, however, keep in mind that you are diluting the session. If applicable, the stylist/artist will be there only until she’s done, then, it’s only you and I. Think of this boudoir session like wine, you can add water and still call it wine but will not be what it was meant to be. Boudoir is meant to be an intimate private experience adding a +1 that is not being photographed will only make things uncomfortable at different levels for everyone and in turn, the images will not be at their full potential in terms of being genuine and full of emotion. That is why I prefer and recommend one on one sessions. 

No, you do not, nor do you need to have any experience in front of the camera. I will guide you as needed, trust me, once you’re in the vibe, it will come naturally. 

Retouched images have edits made to them, such as lighting, color correction, eye sharpening & skin retouches including, skin smoothing, tattoo removals, & blemish removals. I advocate for little to no skin retouching for an authentic look because your ‘imperfections’ make you unique. However, it’s always up to you. You may choose what intensity of skin smoothing you want.

Lighting, color correction, & eye sharpening are standard edits done to all pictures.

Note: I do not reshape (slim or make curvier) your body with editing. I take the “no lies, just angles” approach.

It is a montage of clips, choreographed or not, from the session. It is accompanied by music to fit the vibe. I will choose the song unless you have a specific request. The music must be copyright-free or by an independent musician. A license will need to be granted, so popular songs belonging to a giant record label are not eligible; no worries though; music with little to no lyrics is best for boudoir anyways. The boudoir video can be split into different videos for each outfit. Additional length can be purchased.

It’s a common misbelief that only around the number of images included in the package are taken; it is far from that. Each outfit results in hundreds of images. A mixture of the outfits & poses are selected, and the final touches are added. Additional photos can be purchased after if desired.

When you lock in a date, it guarantees up to a full 24 hours. 9 AM on your chosen day, to 9 AM the following day.

How long your session actually lasts depends on your chosen package and your experience. Extremely experienced women or models may use an hour for each outfit, while the inexperienced may use up to 3 hours per outfit.

I can not emphasize this enough; you should not have to feel time-limit pressure when it comes to boudoir. That is why I offer a full 24 hours and leave a lot of time cushion in between my sessions, just in case. Additionally, if needed, I am willing to extend the session past 24 hours if under suitable circumstances, with a mutual verbal agreement.

Nope. Removing pieces from an outfit does not make it a new outfit. You can remove it all the way to fully nude and it will still be considered the same outfit. Although I like to say the best outfit you can wear is your own skin, nudity is involved and not considered an outfit. It is only considered a new outfit if you change your lingerie or if two items or more are changed or added.

I do offer a type of session referred to as an open boudoir session. In open boudoir sessions, you can add a partner or friend or multiple of them.

As for events, although rarely requested, I can also do special events or party sessions. The price per person depends on the event and is negotiable.

Yes, you can choose from one of my boudoir styles: Dreamy, Moody, or Signature.

Yes. We will sign a legally binding digital agreement that outlines our session. You may receive PDF copies for your records.

I accept most payment methods, including Venmo, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, credit or debit cards, bank transfers, checks, and even cryptocurrencies.

To lock in a date and have the contract put together, there is a $1,000 payment due as soon as possible. This payment guarantees that the day is all yours, meaning I will stop promoting such day as available. Thus, the payment is non-refundable. The remainder is to be paid immediately after signing.

Similarly, if on an installment plan, there is still a $1,000 minimum down payment that is due as soon as possible to lock in a date and create the contract. Payments will then need to be paid as per the agreement.

Any post-session add-ons such as additional pictures, payment will be due at the time of purchase.

Yes! Possibly the best gift you can give to a woman. You’ll give them an amazingly unforgettable experience that no material gift can do.

I will provide a beautiful personalized digital image with their name and what they are receiving, which you can send to them.

Yes. For every friend you refer to me, you will receive a $100 Amazon Gift Card or $300 off your next session.

You can expect to receive your digital pictures within two weeks, with the average being one week. For prints and gifts, it may take up to 2 months depending on how busy we are. So if you plan on buying those do schedule your date months ahead of gifting time.

Your photos & videos will be encrypted and stored securely on my cloud storage servers. You will be given a secret link to access your private folder from which you can view & download them anytime.

Your privacy is very important to me; I will never share your images without your approval. I will only post your pictures on my socials, portfolio, or publications if you are okay with it. You can also decide whether you want to be attributed or not and whether you want to use your legal name or fictitious name. Some women are ok with me publishing their images as long as their face is not fully shown, so that is also an option.