Intimate Therapy For Women

Therapeutic offerings

Unwind with an oxytocin boosting cuddle session, perfect for those stressful times. We can cuddle up as we talk or watch movies.

A yoni message will take you on a journey of deep self-discovery and sensual healing as you reconnect with your sexual energy.

surrogate partner therapy

Sometimes sex therapy or talking about sexual issues is not enough. As a sex surrogate, I help women using hands on sexual intimacy.

Meet your healer

Hello! My name is Jonathan and my expertise is in the fields of sexuality, intimacy, and overall well-being. I specialize in helping women with many aspects of life, such as self-confidence and relationships. As a professional boudoir photographer, I provide an intimate and open environment where women can unwind and be themselves. I take this same approach into my therapy session.
I personally have been to one on one talk therapy and group therapy for several years.  I have struggled with clinical anxiety, OCD, & depression. Many people have shown a commitment to my journey and well-being during my darkest of times. Thus, I am committed to providing the same profound care to other’s in their journey. 
I spend most of my spare time studying various topics in health, nutrition, sex, & psychology. I love connecting with people on a deep level and sharing my knowledge and advice to help them on their journey of growth.