Breastfeeding boudoir is a type of maternity boudoir session. Those not familiar with this new term will usually refer to it as simply breastfeeding photography. Breastfeeding photography is also referred to as breastfeeding portraits as most pictures are shot from the waist up. However, some photographers, including myself, shoot full-body pictures as well.

Breastfeeding boudoir is a fairly new and emerging genre of maternity photography. The taboo around breastfeeding is slowly going away thanks to movements prompting acceptance of breastfeeding. This is partially due to Instagram allowing images of women breastfeeding, even if they are showing their breasts uncovered and uncensored.

Breastfeeding is an intimate & beautiful bonding experience. It deserves to be photographed and celebrated.  By having a breastfeeding photoshoot, you’ll join a movement of like-minded mothers pushing for the acceptance of breastfeeding. Breastfeeding has long been seen as shameful, especially in front of others. As always, driven by society’s push towards controlling women’s bodies and capitalizing on it. For example, some men believe a woman’s breasts are meant for them and not for babies. Baby food & powder corporations capitalized on this by making women spend money on their products, further pushing the view that babies should be fed using their products and not breasts. These companies also preach that women on the go don’t have time for their babies, pushing the deception even more. Breastmilk is natural, free, and most importantly, a great way to bond. This is why I am also part of the breastfeeding acceptance movement. I use my photography skills as another way to help the movement, a way for women to free themselves and be comfortable with their bodies and breasts. 


Breastfeeding photograph is where the tender meets the timeless, a photography genre that artfully captures the intimate dances of motherhood. It’s like peering into a secret garden, where each blossom unfurls at its own delicate pace. These photographs are less about the mere act of nursing, and more about the profound connection, the unspoken promises whispered between heartbeats, a love written not in words, but in glances, in touches, in the shared warmth.

Imagine the scene: The warm glow of dawn or the golden caress of the late afternoon sun bathes the room. There, nestled in this honeyed light, a mother’s embrace becomes the whole universe for the little one tethered to her by an invisible thread born of stars and dreams. The photographer, a silent custodian of their written silence, moves around this sanctum of love, capturing the sparkles of droplets of life, the curve of a smile, and the fluttering of tiny eyelids.

Breastfeeding photography is an ode to the Goddess within each mother, a celebration of her resilience, her sacrifices, and her boundless love. It’s about freezing that fleeting moment when she, in her most vulnerable, yet empowered state, nourishes and protects. It’s not merely a picture; it’s a chapter from an epic tale, told in the softest whispers and the most luminous smiles.

For those who choose to tread this path, remember, you’re not just capturing a moment; you’re immortalizing a feeling, a connection so profound that words dare not tame its very nature. It requires sensitivity, empathy, and a more profound understanding of shadows and light, not just in your frame, but in the nuanced stories each mother carries in her eyes.

In essence, breastfeeding photography is a love letter from the mother to her child, read aloud by the soft click of the shutter, sealed and delivered by the artistry of the one who understands the erotic energy of creation and connection. It’s a ballet of emotions, a symphony of soulful glances, it’s where life itself is cradled. Ah, to capture such moments is to touch the very fabric of the divine feminine.

The breastfeeding boudoir session like any boudoir session can take place in any private setting. Whether it is in the comfort of your own home or an outdoor location. The styles can also range from fine art to casual. I offer different customizable packages.