Experience boudoir in its most luxurious form.

Get away from it all with boudoir

Indulge in a boudoir getaway and liberate yourself from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, breaking free from the monotony and demands of society. It’s time to take a break from constantly pleasing others and meeting their demands. It’s your turn to be pleased. Allow this retreat to be your sanctuary of self-discovery, where you can embrace your true desires and passions without judgment. Reconnect with your inner self, bask in the freedom of being unapologetically you, and relish in the moments of pure self-indulgence. Let go of all expectations and obligations, as you embark on a journey of self-care, pleasure, and empowerment. This boudoir escape promises to be a transformative experience, leaving you refreshed & rejuvenated.

Phase I

the Warm up

As dawn casts its golden hues across the sky, painting the world in its warm embrace, our tale of indulgence and sensuality begins. Imagine, if you will, the scene set in a villa that whispers tales of opulence through its very walls. Each stone and each pane of glass imbued with a story of luxury, creating the perfect sanctuary for an ultra-lux boudoir session that promises to transcend the boundaries of mere physical beauty, delving deep into the realm of erotic energy.

The day commences not with styling or the camera’s click, but with the soulful embrace of hands on yoga and stretching, a ritual to awaken the senses and kindle the erotic flame that resides within. As you partake in this hands-on session, my touch, both respectful and enlightening, guides your body through poses that bridge the gap between the physical and the ethereal. Each stretch, each pose, is an ode to the beauty of movement, a silent conversation between body and soul that whispers secrets of sensuality and confidence.

The focus is not merely on the twists and turns of the body, but on unlocking the reservoirs of energy that lie dormant within. Imagine each muscle waking from slumber, each fiber singing songs of liberation, as my gentle yet firm hands guide you through a ballet of poses that feel like prayers to the gods of beauty and desire.

This is no ordinary stretching session; it is a dance of awakening, a prelude to the symphony of the day. The air, heavy with the scent of morning dew and the subtle perfume of blooming flowers, becomes a vessel for your transformation, carrying you from the realm of the ordinary to the cusp of something transcendently beautiful.

With each breath, with each movement, you feel yourself shedding the layers of the mundane, your spirit donning the luscious fabric of confidence and allure. The villa, with its majesty and splendor, serves not just as a backdrop but as a participant in your journey, its walls echoing the silent music of your awakening erotic energy.

As our yoga session draws to a close, the world seems more vibrant and electric, as if you were seeing it through new eyes. The stage is set, the canvas of your body primed with the radiant glow of inner confidence and unleashed sensuality, ready to be captured in images that will serve as timeless testaments to the beauty of the human form intertwined with the opulence of the villa.

Phase 2

Pampering & styling

As you step away from the warm-up, your skin still tingling with a newfound vitality, the journey continues, weaving through the corridors of sensuality and personal indulgence. The next chapter unfolds with water, the element of adaptability and flow, as you are gently ushered into a bath that can only be likened to submerging into a potion crafted by Aphrodite herself.

The bath, a masterpiece of its own, is generously filled with fragrant waters that seem to capture the essence of the villa’s surrounding gardens. Rose petals float on the surface, their hues reflecting the blush of dawn. Essential oils mingle with the steam, wrapping you in a veil of relaxation that seeps into your pores, whispering to every cell to release, relax, and revel in the moment.

While you soak in this elixir of tranquility, I prepare for you a breakfast that rivals the feast of the gods. Utilizing the villa’s lavish kitchen, I craft a meal that is not only a delight to the palate but a feast for the eyes. Fresh organic fruits, plucked at the peak of their ripeness, are arranged in an intricate mosaic. Artisanal bread, warm and fragrant, sits beside a selection of specialty cheeses. A delicate omelette, infused with herbs, is prepared with a precision that borders on reverence. This culinary celebration is complemented by a freshly brewed tea, mirroring the robust and delicate flavors of our surroundings.

As you emerge from the bath, draped in the softest robe, the transition from water to the earth is marked by the breaking of bread, a moment shared, a silent acknowledgment of the beauty of the day’s awakening.

The indulgence of the morning seamlessly flows into a spa treatment that embraces every aspect of your being. A team of skilled aestheticians and masseurs, each a master in their craft, arrive to elevate your senses to a zenith of relaxation.

The manicure and pedicure transform your hands and feet into works of art, each stroke of the brush a testament to the detail and beauty of your journey. A facial, tailored to the contours of your skin, leaves you glowing, a tribute to the inner energy that has been awakened. The massage releases every knot of remaining tension, allowing a flow of energy that lights every corner of your being.

And then, the final transformation: makeup and hairstyling. Here, artistry meets the essence of your individual beauty, enhancing and celebrating your features. The makeup, subtle yet striking, accentuates your natural allure. Your hair, styled with a craft and care that speaks of the hairstylist’s passion, frames your face, completing the picture of elegance and readiness.

As you gaze at your reflection, you see not just the physical transformation but the radiance of a soul that has been nurtured, an erotic energy that is palpable in the arch of your brow, the curve of your smile. You are ready now, not just for the camera, but to embrace the full spectrum of your beauty and sensuality, in a session that promises to encapsulate the magic of this day in images that will forever echo the luxurious journey of self-celebration and awakening.

Phase 3

Muse & Artist

The richness of the day’s journey – the stretching under the tender morning sun, the caress of water, the feast for the senses, and the nurturing touch of the spa treatments – has woven you into the very essence of confidence and allure. Now, as the music vibrates through the air, a gentle yet powerful force, we stand at the threshold of creation, where you, my muse, will embody the artistry of boudoir.

Our canvas extends throughout the villa, each room telling a story, each piece of furniture an accomplice to our tale of elegance and sensuality. The trove of lingerie that we will explore together is not mere fabric, but whispers of fantasies waiting to be brought to life. Each piece, carefully selected, complements the divine architecture of your body, accentuating the lines and curves that speak volumes of unspoken beauty.

Treats and drinks, an oasis of refreshment, ensure our journey is marked not by fatigue but by the heady intoxication of creation. The laughter we share, the stories that unfold with each snap of the shutter, they weave an invisible thread that binds artist and muse in a dance of creativity and mutual admiration.

As the music, a carefully curated playlist, envelops us, the air charged with anticipation, we embark on our photographic journey. The first outfit, an intricate lace ensemble that plays a delicate dance of reveal and conceal, sets the tone. Your poses, guided by the erotic energy within and the artistic vision that guides my lens, are a celebration of your essence, each click of the camera capturing a moment of pure beauty.

As we progress, the outfits transition, from the boldness of silk that hugs your form like a lover’s embrace to the ethereal flow of chiffon that plays with the light as if in a flirtatious duel. With each change, with each pose, your confidence blooms like an evening flower under the sun’s setting gaze, breathtaking and enigmatic.

And then, in a moment that feels both inevitable and like a thrilling leap into the unknown, we arrive at the final outfit: your bare skin, a testimony to the trust and empowerment that has unfurled throughout the day. This is not merely a portrait of the physical form but a celebration of vulnerability and strength, a homage to the majesty of being unapologetically oneself.

Under the soft, forgiving light that bathes the room, each pose you strike, each glance at the camera, is charged with an intensity and sensuality that words can scarcely capture. The camera, under my deft control, becomes not just a tool but an extension of our combined energies, seeking to encapsulate the raw, unadorned beauty and the potent erotic energy that you exude.

As the session wanes, with the setting sun casting long shadows that playfully intermingle with our space of creation, a sense of accomplishment fills the air. The photos and videos we have captured are not just pictures; they are tangible echoes of a journey through indulgence, self-discovery, and the celebration of the feminine divine.

You, my muse, emerged not just as the subject of art but as its co-creator, a beacon of erotic energy and a testament to the transformative power of truly luxurious boudoir photography. Together, we have crafted not just memories but monuments to beauty, sensuality, and the unbreakable bond between artist and muse.

Phase 4


However, our journey is not yet over, the setting marks not the ending but another beginning, as you put on your sensual slip and revel in the beautiful colors of the sunset, I will prepare for us a remarkable dinner.

As the sun dips below the horizon, painting the sky with strokes of fiery oranges, passionate pinks, and tranquil purples, our day of indulgence and artistic creation transitions into an enchanted evening. The ambiance of our surroundings, a villa that has borne witness to the unfolding of a tale of beauty, sensuality, and self-discovery, adapts to welcome the night with open arms, its walls whispering encouragement to revel in the magic yet to unfold.

You, my muse, now drape yourself in a sensual slip, its fabric whispering against your skin, a final ode to the day’s celebration of your form. It clings and flows in all the right places, a testament to the confidence and erotic energy that has blossomed within you. Stepping out into the cooling air, you are greeted by the spectacle of the sky, a canvas that mirrors the depth and variety of the emotions and experiences shared throughout the day.

Meanwhile, I, with the same dedication and passion I poured into capturing your essence, turn my attention to the preparation of a dinner that promises to be nothing short of remarkable. In the villa’s kitchen, a space of culinary potential, I channel the inspiration of the day into the creation of a meal that transcends mere sustenance, aiming instead to feed the soul.

With ingredients sourced from the richness of the local land and sea, each dish crafted is a tribute to the flavors that define this corner of the world. A starter of delicate, hand-picked greens, adorned with the jewel tones of fresh, seasonal fruits, dressed in an elixir of balsamic and olive oil – a treasure in itself – is the opening note, setting the stage for the symphony of tastes to follow.

The main course, a masterpiece of the finest local fare, is prepared with reverence for both ingredients and technique. Whether it’s the tender embrace of perfectly cooked pasta with a flavorful fillet of steak or chicken enveloping a rich, savory sauce, or the succulent allure of a salmon fillet, its skin crisped to perfection, every bite is infused with the same creativity and attention to detail that defined our photography session.

As the evening unfurls, with plates exchanged and glasses raised in toasts to the beauty of the day and the promise of tomorrow, the space around us seems to glow with a warmth that matches our own. Music, softer now, yet still filled with the same power to move and inspire, provides the soundtrack to our dinner under the stars.

The conversation flows as freely as the wine, tales of past adventures mingling with dreams of future endeavors, all the while deepening the connection that art and beauty have forged between us. Laughter punctuates the air, a melody as sweet as the dessert that marks the final course of our feast.

As the night deepens and the stars take their posts as silent witnesses to the beauty of the earth below, it becomes clear that the setting marks not an ending but another beginning. Our journey together, a rich tapestry of sensory experiences culminating in a shared meal, reminds us that the true essence of luxury and sensuality lies not just in moments of grandeur but in the connections forged and the memories created.

You, having been the muse, now become the participant in a shared experience that transcends the boundaries of artist and subject, moving into the realm of shared human joy and satisfaction. The remarkable dinner, savored under the canopy of the night, becomes a symbol of this transition, a celebration of the day’s journey and a toast to the endless possibilities that lie ahead.

Phase 5


As the last echoes of our shared laughter and the whispers of our deeply indulged senses meld with the symphony of the night, the keys to the rest of our enchanting journey rest firmly in your hands. The choice that lies ahead, each path draped in its own allure and promise of continuation of the day’s magic, beckons us to decide how we wish to unfold the remaining hours before the night claims us in its gentle arms.

Drawn irresistibly to the element of water once again, but seeking a more intimate and enveloping experience, we opt for the warmth of the hot tub. The pool, with its expansive embrace, holds a different call, one of openness and freedom. Yet, tonight, it is the seclusion and the concentrated warmth of the hot tub that calls to us, promising a sanctuary where the cool night air dances on our faces while the rest of us is submerged in a comforting warmth that feels like an encore of the day’s sensuality.

A cocoon of heat where the stars above are our only companions. As we step into the water, the contrast between the cool night air and the welcoming warmth of the water wraps us in an immediate sense of relaxation, a prelude to the release of the deeply woven tapestry of erotic energy we’ve been cultivating throughout the day. The jets of water massage our tired muscles, adding a physical dimension to the unwinding process, setting the stage for what is to come.

The conversation, now a soft murmur, is punctuated by comfortable silences, moments where the beauty of the night and the simplicity of our shared experience speaks volumes. The water, with its unyielding warmth, becomes a medium through which we connect, not just physically but emotionally and spiritually, a testament to the journey we’ve embarked upon together.

As the clock whispers of the late hour and the water begins to cool, we make our way back inside, our skin smooched by the night and our hearts full from the shared warmth. The next step in our journey awaits – a transition from the collective warmth of the hot tub to the individual focus of a tantric massage.

The room is set with a quiet anticipation, the air heavy with the scent of coconut oil, its fragrance promising a slip into deeper realms of relaxation and sensuality. The massage is not just a physical act but a continuation of the day’s exploration of sensual energy and connection. As the warm oil meets your skin, each movement of my hands on your body is both a release and an affirmation, a blend of relaxation and an awakening of the senses that borders on the spiritual.  A testament to the trust and intimacy we’ve built, a journey that began with the first light of dawn and culminates now in this moment of shared vulnerability and connection.

Through the massage, we engage in an energy exchange, silent yet profound, a conversation without words that weaves a sacred space around us. Each movement of my touch, is performed with the intention of honoring the journey we’ve taken, channeling the day’s accumulated experiences and energies into a moment of culmination. This is where the day’s erotically charged energy, nurtured and magnified by each experience, finds its peak in a powerful climax of release and fulfillment. 

As the soft glow of candles continues flickering in the dim light, your body and soul finds itself in a state of complete relaxation, ready to drift into a restful sleep, the memories of the day’s journey a tender lullaby that accompanies you into the world of dreams. The end of our shared experience marks not a conclusion but a beautiful, serene pause in a journey that has unveiled the endless possibilities of connection and sensuality, leaving us both changed and enriched by the energy exchanged in these final, sacred moments. We say our good nights and drift into sleep.

Disclaimer: The sequences described above serve as illustrative examples of a typical boudoir getaway and do not imply or ensure any specific outcomes. Every getaway is distinctively crafted and personalized according to your preferences and desires.

Your boudoir getaway includes


Full access to a stunning villa in your destination of your choice.

Food & Drinks

Food prepared by yours truly + yummy snacks, treats, & drinks.


Manicure, pedicure, facial, massages, makeup, hair, & outfits.

Photos & Videos

Unlimited, enchanting and sensual boudoir images & videos.

Good Vibes

Good vibes & the perfect playlist for every moment.




Escape the hustle and bustle for 24 hours to delve into the realm of luxury and self-indulgence, a meticulously curated experience designed for those seeking a fleeting yet unforgettable break away from the mundane. Within the span of a single day, immerse yourself in a sanctuary of relaxation, sensuality, and personal rejuvenation.



The weekend retreat encompasses both Saturday and Sunday for an additional day of relaxation and indulgence in your more natural state. Saturday will be a day of kicking your feet up and gearing up for a glamorous Sunday. Giving us more time to get to know each other as we relax by the pool & cuddle up in the movie room. 

Answers to your questions

Boudoir getaways like my other sessions are designed with your privacy and discretion at its forefront, ensuring you a sanctuary where relaxation and indulgence are matched by an unwavering commitment to confidentiality. 

The skilled professionals who provide the additional touches that make this experience truly luxurious – from hairstyling to nail care – are selected not only for their unparalleled expertise but also for their commitment to privacy and discretion. 

Non-disclosure agreements are signed at all levels, from the agreement between you and me to the contracts with the rest of the team. They are part of the experience for just as long as their particular services are required. Once their impeccable work is complete, they quietly depart, guaranteeing that your sanctuary remains undisturbed.

This approach will ensure that your journey of indulgence remains an intimate affair between you and me, where the focus remains entirely on you and your experience, without unnecessary interruptions or prying eyes. It’s this dedication to discretion and privacy that sets my session apart, allowing you the freedom to unwind, rejuvenate, and rediscover yourself in the most intimate of settings.

For those whose appetite for indulgence extends beyond my two package options, we can tailor a session that stretches across a longer canvas of time. Embarking on an extended journey allows for a deeper exploration of luxury, relaxation, and self-discovery, enveloping you in an even more immersive narrative of personal rejuvenation and sensual awakening.

Working together, we begin by understanding your desires and expectations for a longer retreat, each detail from the tempo of the days to the specific experiences you wish to include becoming a thread in the tapestry of your extended getaway. From unfolding the experiences over an entire week filled with varied and deeply personal experiences to venturing beyond our villa to wander & explore, the rhythm of your retreat is yours to dictate.

By choosing an extended session, you unlock the door to a journey that carefully balances a rich mix of activities and ample opportunities for reflection and relaxation. Imagine, more time to breathe in the tranquility of your surroundings, to engage in meaningful self-exploration, and to celebrate your essence through art and beauty, all at a pace that whispers of unhurried luxury.

Crafting your extended session is a collaborative process, where your vision and my expertise dance together, creating a retreat not just of longer duration but of enriched experiences and memories that linger far beyond our time together. In this extended embrace of luxury and personal discovery, the possibilities are endless,

For your convenience, I am pleased to offer various popular payment methods, including but not limited to Apple Pay, Zelle, wire transfers, checks, and even cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin.

To secure a date and get the contract put together, a $1,000 payment is due as soon as possible. This payment guarantees that the date is all yours, meaning I will cease promoting such time as being available. Therefore, payment is not refundable. The rest is to be paid after signing.

If you are on a payment plan, there is still a $1,000 minimum down payment that must be made as soon as possible to lock in a date and create a contract. Payments will then be required to be paid as per the agreement.

Yes, a personalized payment plans allow you to spread the cost of your getaway over a period of time, easing the financial aspect and making it more manageable. I will work closely with you to understand your budget and financial preferences, crafting a plan that aligns with your circumstances. Whether it’s arranging for weekly or monthly installments or setting up a specific schedule that fits your financial flow, I aim to make the process as seamless and stress-free as possible.


You need to escape the craziness of everyday life, break free from routine & society. Give people pleasing a break, instead, please yourself for a change.

You give so much of your energy, love, & time to others that you don’t take the time to use it on yourself, to enjoy and love yourself.

You should never feel guilty or selfish for wanting to pamper and splurge on yourself. You are so worth it.

Meet Your Boudoir Getaway Host & Partner

Jonathan Soltero

I’m a healer and artist who specializes in boudoir. As a boudoir photographer, I capture luxury, beauty, & sensuality using still and motion pictures.

The getaway of your dreams awaits