Jonathan Soltero

Hello there, my name is Jonathan Soltero, I’m an artist and healer reuniting sensuality with spirituality, specializing in boudoir. As a boudoir photographer & videographer, I work with women of all backgrounds in creating stunning pictures that capture their beauty and sexuality in the purest form. 



My approach to boudoir photography diverges significantly from the conventional norm. More often than not, the average boudoir photographer prioritizes the technical aspects of photography rather than delving into the more profound meaning behind boudoir. Their interpretation of a boudoir session is no different from any other photoshoot; they merely snap sexy pictures and quickly move on. They are treating it as if it’s just another type of photoshoot; in fact, most of them are general photographers, so their forte isn’t even in boudoir. They book as many clients as possible, usually multiple clients per day, sacrificing quality and the true essence of boudoir. I figured right at the start of my journey with boudoir that it was meant to be so much more than pictures. It can be a very intimate & transformative experience, and thus should be treated as such. 

For the majority of my sessions, I take a holistic & therapeutic approach to boudoir. Many of our troubles stem from societal pressures, which lead us to become disconnected from our true selves and see only our body’s flaws, believing we are less than or never enough. So what if you tried falling in love with yourself and with who you are? What if instead of fighting your body, you started learning & discovering all it’s good, its sensuality, and its pleasures as you tore down the shame around body & intimacy? It sounds easy; however, after all these years of living with a negative image of yourself, it’s difficult to see otherwise. That’s where I come in, to guide you, to empower you, to allow you to be you, as I capture your sexy side, a side of yourself that you may not have known existed.

My boudoir sessions are real & personal, blending professionalism with a casual & intimate atmosphere. I am not only your boudoir photographer, but someone you can confide in and connect with on an intimate level. I encourage you to speak your mind, ask any and every intimate or “taboo” question you may have, voice your concerns, & lay out your desires. I will do everything in my power to make sure your concerns are taken care of and your wishes are fulfilled.

boudoir photographer

How I Got into Boudoir & Why I Stayed

Before boudoir photography, I was primarily doing freelance work as a graphic designer & editor. Engaging in this type of work meant that I interacted with photos daily. Whenever I needed to capture some content, I would resort to using my phone or GoPro. At that time, I didn’t think much about photography or anticipate specializing in it. My main goal was to freelance in familiar territory to support the mobile app company I was launching immediately upon turning eighteen.

About a year into it, I faced a harsh reality: my vision of establishing a mobile app empire was not likely to happen, nor was it something I was highly enthusiastic about. It was immensely challenging & unfulfilling, leading to a loss of motivation. I started feeling depressed because I had no backup plan; it was either the mobile app empire or nothing. I was vocal about my determination to pursue it, but I was unable to do so.

Thankfully, I had been working with some great therapists at the time, and one day, as if an outside source sent the thought into my head, just the word ‘photography’ followed by a feeling of hope, I quickly hopped on the computer to find myself a good camera. Given my experience designing printed apparel as an additional income stream for my app company, I knew exactly what to do with the camera. I began reaching out to models to showcase my designs and kick-start a couple of clothing brands. Photography offered me a creative outlet and provided an avenue to meet and connect with new people, which significantly improved my mood and helped with my anxiety.

Fast-forward to 2019, and an opportunity to shoot boudoir images came my way. Initially unfamiliar with boudoir, I did an online search to learn more. With my open-mindedness, sex-positive attitude, and prior experience shooting glamour, I felt confident in giving it a try. Among all the photoshoots I’ve been involved with, none have had the profound impact of a boudoir session. While many photography genres aim for perfection, boudoir celebrates authenticity and rawness.

Coincidentally, not long after the boudoir session, I had the remarkable opportunity to acquire the Instagram handle @boudoir from an acquaintance, a sign that seemed to come from the universe, which encouraged me to embrace boudoir photography wholeheartedly. Again, recognizing my open-mindedness & sex-positive mindset, paired with my qualities like empathy, enthusiasm, & motivation, I realized I could offer more than just stunning pictures. I aimed to provide a genuine boudoir experience that captures amazing images and empowers women to embrace their bodies & their sexuality.

I see beauty in every woman, so when working with a woman with low self-confidence, I get to show her, not just tell her, how beautiful & sexy she is. It makes me so happy when I see a woman finally realize her worth, her strength, & her beauty.


More About Me

Aside from being a boudoir photographer, I am a healer, designer, writer, producer, & director. Though I don’t stray far from my domain, the majority of my work is about sensuality or spirituality. Some of these labels can even be applied to some of my boudoir sessions. For instance, I produce music specifically tailored for boudoir.

I enjoy nature, traveling, & exploring; that even includes driving. What others might consider a dull, life-draining experience of the modern world, I call driving & vibing. I put on some music and drive, usually enjoying the journey more than the destination. 

When I’m not out and about or making art, I’m expanding my knowledge base. My favorite topics (in no specific order) include nutrition & fitness, psychology & personality, intimacy & sex, wealth & business, science & nature, and spirituality. I can dive into these topics, usually getting philosophical & theoretical. I enjoy having deep conversations and listening to people’s biggest dreams & goals. I’m the most supportive guy you’ll ever meet!


Now that you know a little about me, I’d love to know about you and how I can give you the ultimate boudoir experience!