Welcome to the mesmerizing realm of erotic couple photography – an intimate exploration designed to celebrate the profound connection and fiery desire among partners. With an artistic touch and an eye for the deeply sensual, my sessions provide an exclusive opportunity for couples to express their love and lust in a safe, respectful, and utterly captivating environment.

At the heart of erotic couple photography lies the belief that every relationship possesses a unique energy, a private world of secret glances, tender touches, and unspoken desires. It is this energy that I seek to encapsulate through my lens, transforming moments into timeless art that echoes the depth of your connection.

My sessions are carefully set up to put you at ease, allowing your natural chemistry and individual personalities to shine. Guided by a professional photographer skilled in the realms of erotica, you will find yourselves emboldened to explore new dimensions of your relationship. Whether a gentle caress, a pleasurable union, or a bold expression of dominance and submission, every aspect of your interaction becomes a brushstroke in the masterpiece we create together.

Allow yourselves to be captured in a moment of pure passion, where your love story is told in glances and whispered promises. Whether displayed with pride or kept as a private collection to be savored in the future, these photographs will forever stand as a monument to your love and desire. Embrace the opportunity to see each other all over again, to rediscover the erotic charge that brought you together, and celebrate it in its most beautiful form. 


Ah, dinner and movies – the quintessential date night that has stood the test of time. However, there comes a moment in every relationship when the usual becomes mundane, and the hunger for something novel, something thrilling, takes over. It’s now that the idea of change does not just whisper; it roars. And what could be more exhilarating than stepping out of the comfort zone together, into the realm of the senses and the intimate?

If you find yourself nodding along, weary of the repetitiveness of your date nights, consider embarking on an adventure that is both daring and deeply connecting. I propose the idea of an erotic photoshoot for couples. This isn’t merely about photography; it’s an experience that promises to reignite the spark and explore the beauty of your relationship in ways you’ve never imagined. It’s about capturing the essence of your connection, the undercurrents of passion and desire that perhaps, in the hustle of everyday life, have been overlooked. Embrace this opportunity to see and be seen by your partner like never before.

Couple's Erotic Boudoir Photography


Tell an erotic story with still and motion pictures that captures intimacy & passion. Like with any type of photography, the pictures & videos captured will be yours to look at whenever you desire as a way to remember this amazing experience.

It also serves as visual stimulation for self-pleasure while your significant other is not around or in the mood.


The act of being photographed in intimate, vulnerable states can profoundly deepen a couple’s connection. As they pose and express their love and desire for each other, they break down barriers, allowing for a raw and authentic exchange of emotions. This vulnerability acts as a powerful catalyst for intimacy, rekindling passion not just for the camera, but for each other.


Tonight, they were not just Alex and Jordan; they were embodiments of control and submission, bound by trust and mutual desire. My instructions were gentle, guiding them into the world they sought to explore. Her gaze transformed, seeing him not just as a lover but as a figure of dominance and strength. The paddle, once an object of curiosity, became an extension of Alex’s hand, a conduit of sensations yet to be discovered. I began my silent dance, capturing moments of whispered desire, the air charged with anticipation before the paddle’s gentle impact. 

They ventured deeper into their roles, the space between them filled with an electric tension that pulsed with each captured moment. The initial shyness that cloaked their entry into the studio dissipated, replaced by a confidence that flowed from the trust and love they had nurtured over the years. The paddle’s impact whispered tales of pleasure, blending with the soft sounds of their connection, a melody composed of gasps, sighs, and the occasional supple laughter.

As the session neared its end, wrapped in the aftereffects of their shared exploration, Alex and Jordan found themselves in a new realm of their relationship. The drive home was silent, but not for lack of words. It was a silence filled with the echo of the paddle, the warmth of hands bound by desire, and the anticipation of bringing the unveiled fantasies into the fabric of their love. Tonight, they had not only captured images; they had woven a new narrative of their relationship, a story where the flames of passion were rekindled, promising to burn brighter with each passing day.

In the privacy of their shared space, the images became their sacred texts, pages upon which their renewed desires were inscribed. The paddle and harness, once props in a daring fantasy, now held pride of place among the symbols of their love — reminders of a night when they danced on the edge of desire, led by trust, and fell into the depths of a passion rediscovered.

Couple's Erotic Boudoir Photography


In the heart of the city stood a couple that commanded the attention of every room they entered. Adriana and Marco, together, were an unstoppable force, a testament to ambition and desire that knew no bounds. Their relationship was as much a partnership in love as it was a constant battle for dominance, a dynamic that fueled their ascent in their respective spheres. Yet, what the world saw as a harmonious power couple, was, beneath the surface, a cauldron of simmering tensions. The very fire that propelled them to heights in their careers introduced an undercurrent of competition that seeped silently into the fabric of their union, each moment with each other a tacit challenge of wills.

This silent struggle found its most vivid expression in the sanctity of their bedroom, transforming their intimate encounters into electric battlegrounds. With every touch, every kiss, they communicated in a language more honest than words, a dialogue of desire and control. Their lovemaking was an intense dance, a give and take where each sought to claim victory over the other, not through suppression but through the assertive assertion of their own passion and erotic energy. It was here, in these moments of vulnerability and fervor, that they discovered an unexpected truth. Their power struggle, rather than driving them apart, ignited an even fiercer connection between them. For in the heat of their battle, they found not dominance, but equilibrium, a meeting of equals that transcended the bounds of their competition. In the amalgamation of their desires, they unlocked a deeper intimacy, a sacred space where their true selves, unmasked and uninhibited, could finally converge in unison, not in conquest but in profound unity.


Couples boudoir photoshoots offer a truly transformative and exhilarating experience, serving as a remarkable way for partners to elevate their sex life and strengthen their bond with newfound confidence. This intimate and empowering journey allows couples to explore and embrace their sensuality together, fostering a deeper connection and understanding of each other’s desires and passions.

Engaging in a couples boudoir session is not only a celebration of the love shared between partners but also an opportunity to reignite the spark and passion in their relationship. The process of posing together in front of the camera encourages vulnerability and open communication, creating a safe space to express desires, fantasies, and the shared vision of intimacy.

Erotic boudoir photography session, cuffs

Couple's Session Levels

Couple’s erotic boudoir sessions grant up to nine levels of intimacy between couples. You can work your way up from playful intimacy to all out sex.


Level 1

Let’s get started. At level one, keep it playful. Ladies may remove clothing and get into their lingerie. Men must keep their clothes on. This is a good time for teasing.


Level 2

At level two, men may remove their shirts.

Erotic boudoir photography session, passionate sex


Level 3

Her bra or top can start coming off, now it’s getting steamy. 

Erotic boudoir photography session, sensual sex


Level 4

At level four, men can be in only their underwear.


Level 5

At level five, panties may be removed.

Women can be completely nude. 

Couple's Erotic Boudoir Photography


Level 6

Men can remove their underwear. 

You can now both be completely nude.



Level 7

Now you’re really feeling the pleasure as your genitals start to go on each other’s bodies, but not so fast, you can’t penetrate at this level. You may start stimulating the genitals with your hands and toys.


Level 8

Go down on your partner and blow them away, no pun intended.


Level 9

You can now do anything you want, penetrate and become one. Have fun and enjoy until you’ve both made it to cloud nine. 

Couple's Erotic Pictures

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levels 1-2
$ 1500


levels 1-4
$ 2400


levels 1-6
$ 3300


levels 1-9
$ 3900


levels 1-9
$ 5400


levels 1-9
$ 6900


I am open-minded and fetish friendly, however, illegal and vile activity is strictly prohibited. 

I also do not do work involving any form of injury, abuse, or infliction of pain beyond bondage, sensual spanking, & sensual hair pulling.

Full on sexual intercourse is permitted during the shoot. I would even say that it should be included into your couple’s shoot. After all, it is the most profound expression of love between a couple, therefore, why not capture it?

They may be planned beforehand. We can work out a plan or story/script before the session. They can also be natural, as in you may do whatever feels right at the moment. 

Very, I am non-monogamous myself. I welcome all types of couples and relationship lifestyles, including swingers and hotwives.

That is understandable. During the shoot you two will be on a sensual high, you might even forget I am taking pictures of you two at times.

Levels are an option to give structure to a couple’s erotic boudoir shoot. During the booking process, we can review what will & will not occur during your session if boundaries need to be set. Though, in the heat of the moment, things may change or develop and that’s ok.

Retouched images are the final digital images that undergo various modifications like adjustments in lighting and color balance, along with other enhancements such as sharper eyes, an optional improved skin texture through techniques like airbrushing, and removal of blemishes.

Raw video is juicy uncensored video of all the action of levels 7-9 in stunning true 4K resolution. Paired with high quality audio, means you will hear and see it all. The video is only lightly edited to adjust lighting and fit the video length.

An exclusive album application tailored to showcase your boudoir photos and videos, providing secure access for private viewing, as well as the option to order prints and download content whenever and wherever.

Discounted rates available for multi-day projects. 

I can also provide discounts to those willing to display their uncensored pictures in my portfolios.

An even bigger discount is available if you choose to include your videos in my upcoming pay to view portfolio.

Yes, you will have commercial use rights. There is also the option to partner with me to sell your content.

For your convenience, I accept several popular payment methods, including Apple Pay, Zelle, bank transfers, checks, and even cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin.
If necessary, installation plans can be established.
To secure a date and prepare the contract, it is required that a payment of $1,000 be made promptly. This payment guarantees that the time chosen will be yours, meaning I will stop promoting such time as available. The payment is non-refundable. The remainder is due upon signing.
In a similar vein, in the case of an installment plan, a minimum down payment of $1,000 is required to be made promptly to secure a date and establish the contract. Payments will then be required to be paid as per the agreement.
Prints and albums can be purchased and paid for with a credit card within the boudoir app.