Table of Contents

Setting Aside The Time

Imagine, if you will, embarking on a sensual voyage, not across the turbulent seas or into the wild yonder, but into the rich, uncharted territories of your own sensuality and self-empowerment. My boudoir sessions are not merely photo shoots; they are the embarkation points for such a grand excursion. Designed to be a crucial part of a sexual vacation, these sessions invite you on an odyssey towards profound self-love and unapologetic sexual empowerment.

Just as with any voyage, preparation is key. I always tell my clients to give themselves a good amount of time, with some as preparation before the curtain rises on your session, and another as an unwinding period afterward when it closes. This ensures that the surge of excitement does not leave you feeling overwhelmed or pressed for time. Consider it the luxury of breathing room, allowing the experience to unfurl at a pace that serves you, making the timing of our session all the more flexible and enjoyable.

Before embarking on this adventure, it is essential to ensure that all other day-to-day concerns are completely taken care of. Your work, and the relentless tide of commitments & deadlines, should be sorted with precision. Tackle any tasks that might loom ominously over your retreat in advance. The object is to forestall the specter of stress that could arise from a mountain of catch-up work awaiting your return.

For those of you steering the ship of a bustling household, a bit of foresight goes a long way. Preparing your family or little ones for your brief period of rest is essential. Entrust them to the care of someone as reliable as the North Star, ensuring their routine orbits normally in your absence. This holds true for your four-legged family members as well. Their care should be arranged with someone who speaks ‘woof’ and ‘meow’ fluently, ensuring they’re pampered in your absence.

The essence of all this meticulous preparation? It’s about creating a seamless continuum in which your daily life’s flux and flow maintains some semblance of normalcy while you are away on this journey. It’s ensuring that when you step onto the set of our boudoir session, you are free from the anchors of worry that might otherwise tether your mind to the mundane.

This voyage into the heart of your sensuality is a sacred time, carved out of the whirlwind of everyday existence, dedicated to celebrating the magnificent being that you are. It’s an opportunity to adorn yourself in self-love, to bask in the glow of sexual empowerment, and to capture it all in the timeless art of my photography. So, let us plan meticulously, that we may cast off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor, and catch the trade winds in our sails. Adventure – and a celebration of you – awaits.

Preparing Your Body

To be clear, I’m not here to advocate for a transformation into the next cover model for a fitness magazine, far from it. The aim is not to sculpt your form into something it isn’t, but to prepare you, body & soul, for the voyage ahead.

Staying active with a fitness routine isn’t about achieving a supermodel physique; it’s about endowing yourself with the stamina and flexibility needed to navigate the diverse landscape of poses we’ll explore together. The act of holding a pose, akin to a delicate dance with the camera, requires a subtle blend of strength and suppleness, attributes that a gentle yet consistent fitness routine can bestow upon you.

Moreover, embracing a regime that makes you break a sweat has a delightful auxiliary benefit – the purging of toxins, leaving your skin bathed in a radiant, natural glow. Image this glow not merely as a physical attribute, but as an outward reflection of your inner vitality, a tangible sign of your body thanking you for the care and attention it’s receiving.

At the foundation of this preparatory phase, I highly recommend walking and stretching. These two primal activities, though simple, are profoundly effective. Walking, the most innate form of human movement, animates the body and clears the mind, while stretching weaves in flexibility, preparing your muscles to hold the intricate poses and shapes that will capture your essence and strength.

Should time and inclination allow, expanding this routine to include yoga or Pilates can deepen the benefits. Yoga, with its roots reaching deep into the philosophy of connection between mind, body, and spirit, brings a harmonious balance that can amplify the emotional depth and presence in your photographs. Pilates, focusing on core strength and flexibility, prepares your body to hold poses with elegance and ease, augmenting the visual dialogue between you and the camera.

The purpose of integrating these practices is not merely about the visual outcome; it’s about connecting with yourself, enhancing your comfort and confidence in front of the camera, and ultimately, witnessing the flourishing of your erotic energy and self-love through the artistry of boudoir photography. So, embrace this gentle preparation with joy and anticipation, for it is the prelude to discovering and celebrating the most exquisite facets of you.


While skin retouching is an option, I opt for a more natural look, removing only temporary skin imperfections. It is therefore important to have your skin in its optimal state.

First and foremost, let’s start off with a hydration reminder! Water plays a pivotal role in maintaining the health and glow of your skin. It’s the secret behind that flawless, radiant look we all strive for. I encourage you to drink plenty of it. Think of it as nourishing your body from the inside out.

Speaking of nourishment, it’s wise to avoid or limit processed foods. They are often the culprits behind inflammation and those unwelcome skin guests, acne, dullness, and puffiness. Instead, opt for a more Mediterranean and whole food diet that includes plenty of vegetables and fruits (opt for the ones that your body reacts well to). Fruits and veges are rich in antioxidants which counter stress and environmental toxins, providing you a complexion that is as vibrant as your spirit.

Also, beauty sleep is not a myth; it is a profound truth. Embrace it, revel in it, and allow your body the time it needs to repair, rejuvenate, and refresh itself.

If you are yearning for a sun-kissed hue, a word of caution – if you wish to participate in tanning, please do so in moderation and well in advance of your session, ideally a week before. This precaution avoids the pitfalls of tan lines, sunburn, or irritated skin, which can detract from the natural beauty we aim to capture. Natural light and professional tanning are your allies here, whereas self-tanners and spray tans often betray their artificial origin through an unflattering orange hue and the risk of staining fabrics.

For those desiring a tanned glow without the tanning work, I possess a myriad of lighting and grading techniques up my sleeve. These methods can create the illusion of tanner skin, perfected to your liking, without any of the associated risks or hassles of tanning. Many have found delight in this magical transformation, content in the reassurance that their skin’s health is preserved.

Lastly, if your skin tends towards dryness, regular moisturization is your best friend. Additionally, exfoliation can uncover the vibrant, new skin beneath, but remember, timing is key. Undertake this ritual a few days before our session to avoid any redness or sensitivity.


Amidst this journey, why not indulge in a facial? A spa visit could be the perfect pre-escape (spa options included in boudoir getaways), a sanctuary where you can unwind and emerge reborn, with skin glowing like the light of dawn. However, if making the trip to a spa feels like sailing into distant waters, fear not. The treasure trove of at-home facials awaits, offering potions and rituals that promise to transform your living room into a haven of relaxation and rejuvenation. 

Now, let’s turn our attention to the frames of your soulful windows – your eyebrows. These arches are not merely strands of hair but the silent storytellers accentuating your expressions and emotions. Tending to them is essential, yet here too, caution is the watchword. Remember, the aftermath of grooming often involves a touch of redness, so plan this endeavor with enough time to allow your skin to serenade the calm after the storm.

Tired eyes can often betray the most well-kept secrets of late nights and early mornings. If the windows to your soul are shadowed by signs of weariness, fret not. The realm of beauty is overflowing with treatments, from creams that promise rejuvenation to the tender alchemy of natural remedies. A simple concoction of water and coffee grounds, for instance, can work wonders, offering a morning salute to your under-eyes, diminishing the signs of fatigue and ushering in a look of alertness and vitality.

And then, there’s the magic of makeup, the final flourish on the masterpiece that is you. Unless we’re venturing into the raw power of a no-makeup session, makeup is the palette from which we’ll draw forth dimensions of your beauty yet unseen. If wielding brushes and blending shadows aren’t in your arsenal of skills, or if you wish to explore territories beyond your daily makeup, enlisting a professional makeup artist is a stroke of genius. Their expertise is not just in the application of products but in the art of highlighting your natural beauty, ensuring you step before the lens not just as you are, but as the most empowered and radiant version of yourself.


Your hair is a crown you never take off, an expression of your identity and style. Maintaining a radiant and healthy head of hair requires not just love and attention, but sometimes, the help of professionals. Whether it’s a cut that frames your face just right, a color that makes your skin tone sing, or a deep conditioning treatment that breathes life into every strand, your stylist knows a path to your hair’s splendor.

Having it styled in the morning ensures that it captures and reflects light in the most enchanting ways, cascading around your shoulders. This isn’t just hairdressing; it’s sculpting an aura around you, one that whispers stories of elegance, strength, and sensuality.

Now, let us venture beyond the crown on your head to the delicate subject of body hair. The discourse around body hair is as varied as the women I have the privilege to photograph, each with their own preferences and vision for their session. Many of my clients opt for a full-body wax, and it comes with my high recommendation as well. This choice ensures the smoothest canvas, allowing the focus to remain on you, your expressions, and the subtle interplay of light and shadow over your skin. If you choose to embrace the path of waxing, remember to schedule these sessions a few days before our time together. This foresight allows your skin to recover from any potential redness or irritation, ensuring it’s as soft and smooth as the morning light.

Yet, it’s vital to recognize and celebrate the diversity of preferences regarding body hair. There are those who find beauty and confidence in the natural texture and contours provided by their body hair. This too is a beautiful choice, a testament to personal empowerment and comfort in one’s skin. Should you choose to keep some hair down there, consider how it interacts with the lingerie or outfits planned for your session. Even a gentle trim can ensure a harmonious blend of fabric and form, without the distraction of hairs peeping from the sides or edges, unless, of course, that’s a statement you wish to make.


A manicure and pedicure are not just treats or indulgences but essential preludes to our session. They ensure your hands and feet are not just presentable, but that they embody the elegance and grace that you naturally possess. When it comes to the polish, the choice of color can add another layer of narrative and emotion to your images. White speaks of purity and innocence, black of mystery and depth, red of passion and boldness, while natural tones echo authenticity and subtlety. A clear polish, at the very least, can prevent your nails from appearing dull, ensuring they reflect light just as beautifully as the rest of you.

However, the journey to beautiful hands and feet begins far beneath the surface, in the very wellness of your being. If your nails are dry and prone to brittleness, you might be missing some vitamins and nutrients, usually of those found in meat, seafood, and poultry, such as biotin, zinc, iron, & vitamin A. 

In instances where the traditional polish seems less feasible, due to the health of your nails or a desire for a longer-lasting solution, shellac emerges as a brilliant alternative. This innovation offers not just a stunning gloss and depth of color, but also the kindness of being less taxing on your nails, allowing them to remain vibrant and strong.

Your hands and feet, therefore, become extensions of the artistry we aim to capture. Adorned and cared for, they contribute their own words to the tale of empowerment and elegance we seek to tell. The way your fingers might trace the outline of your curves, how your feet arch with poised grace, every gesture, every detail, adds to the narrative of your session, making it profoundly personal and infinitely beautiful.

Preparing Your Mind

As we navigate the meticulous preparations of the body, let us not forget this equally crucial frontier. Preparing the mind for a boudoir session is akin to a gardener tenderly cultivating soil before the sowing of seeds; it’s essential for the blossoming of confidence, vulnerability, and empowerment during our time together.

Preparing your mind for a boudoir session is as much about celebrating where you are now as it is about embracing the journey of where you wish to go. It’s about affirming to yourself that you are deserving of this moment of introspection and celebration. As you do these practices, remember that this session is not just about creating exquisite photographs; it’s about witnessing, embracing, and celebrating the myriad facets of your being.

Visualization & Positive Affirmations

Visualization is painting the desires of your heart and the visions of your mind onto the canvas of your reality. It is in a space of imagination, that you begin to step into the energy of the woman you aspire to present before the camera; a woman adorned with grace, swathed in confidence, and radiant with joy.

Imagine, if you will, the moment you walk into the studio. The air is filled with the soft, reassuring murmur of your favorite music, the light caresses your skin, and every uncertainty melts away as if it were never there to begin with. You move with grace, each step is a dance, each movement a stanza in the poem of your own composing.

Now, see yourself through the lens, not just as you are, but as you yearn to be seen. With every click of the shutter, a facet of your spirit is captured, confidence blooms like a rare and precious flower. This is your moment, an act of fearless declaration where vulnerability meets strength, creating a beauty so profound it can barely be contained within the confines of a photograph.

This empowerment is the blossoming of your soul in recognition of its own magnificence. It’s the understanding that to step into your vulnerability is not to show weakness, but to unveil a reservoir of strength previously untapped. It is to stand naked, not just in body, but in spirit, before the eyes of the world and declare, “I am here, I am seen, and I am beautiful.”

Pair this potent visualization with the mantra of positive affirmations. Speak to your reflection, not with the voice of everyday self-doubt, but with the voice of your highest, most nurturing self. “I am radiant,” let these words be a balm to any lingering shadows of insecurity. “I embrace my sensuality,” allow this declaration to be the key that unlocks the chambers of your deepest desires and truths. “I am worthy of celebration,” with this phrase, acknowledge the journey, the triumphs, and the scars that have led you to this moment.

Each affirmation is a thread in the fabric of your self-conception, vibrant strands that, when woven together, create a portrait of a woman who knows her worth, recognizes her beauty, and is ready to step into the empowering experience of boudoir photography. This preparation, this union of visualization and affirmation, is not just about making you ready for a photo session; it is about transforming the way you see yourself, forever.

Practice Mindfulness & Gratitude

Consider, for a moment, the power of stillness. In a world that often whirls around us in a constant frenzy, to pause and inhabit the present fully is both a rebellion and a refuge. Integrating mindfulness & gratitude into your daily routine, even if for just a few fleeting minutes, can be beneficial. Finding a place of balance and serenity amidst the frenzy of anticipation and preparation.

As you sit in quietude, breathing in, breathing out, you may find pre-session jitters fading away. Worries and doubts scatter, leaving in their wake a sense of being grounded, a profound connection to the unshakeable core of your being.

But the benefits extend beyond just relaxation. This deepened state of mental and emotional equilibrium enhances your capacity to engage with the session deeply and authentically. When you arrive, not just physically present but fully open and receptive, you allow for a richer, more profound experience. Each click of the camera becomes an opportunity to explore facets of yourself, perhaps previously hidden or unacknowledged. You become not just a participant in the process, but a co-creator, jointly weaving the narrative of empowerment and self-discovery that our session aspires to capture.

The practice of mindfulness nurtures a critical skill – the ability to be present. In the context of our session, this presence can translate to a heightened awareness of your body, the subtleties of emotion that play across your face, and the implicit stories told by your posture and gestures. It allows for moments of genuine connection and vulnerability, giving rise to images that are not just visually stunning but imbued with emotional depth and authenticity.

Create a spirit of gratitude towards yourself, the paths you’ve traversed and the mountains you’ve climbed to arrive at this moment. Acknowledge the magnitude of what it means to step into a space where your cover is down, revealing the beautiful vulnerability of your true soul. 

Be thankful for your body, for it is the vessel that carries who you are through the troubles and triumphs of life. It is the canvas upon which your stories are inscribed, your joys, and your sorrows. Honor it, not just for how it appears, but for the incredible journey it represents, for every scar, every curve, and every line speaks of resilience, strength, and an indomitable will to persevere.

Express gratitude for your mind, for it is the architect of your dreams, the sanctuary of your deepest thoughts. Be thankful for your spirit, for it is the driving force that makes you uniquely you. It is the one that guides you through the complexities of life, the torch that illuminates the dark, and the fertile ground from which your aspirations and inspirations take root and flourish. It is the flame that burns with passion and ambition, the gentle whisper that encourages you on when the path ahead seems insurmountable, and the unwavering light that shines from within, radiating warmth, love, and compassion.

As our session draws near, I strongly encourage you to try some mindfulness exercises with an open and inquisitive attitude. Whether using a meditation app, simply focusing on your breathing, writing down what you are grateful for, or taking a thoughtful walk in nature, discover what grounds you in the current moment. Preparing your mind and spirit in this way is just as essential to our session as choosing your outfits or applying makeup. It is the unseen yet tangible element that will run through each photograph, infusing them with the genuine essence of who you are.

Preparing Your Outfits

Choose outfits that resonate with the composition of the mood you aim to express, be it a hint of seduction, a sense of playful innocence, or a scream of erotic empowerment. Precision in fit is crucial; not too slack that your form is lost in the fabric, nor too snug, where comfort is but a distant feeling. Perfection resides in the balance. Yet, veering slightly towards either side is a common occurrence when lingerie is bought through online shopping.

However, let it not be said that the realm of boudoir is confined to lacy lingerie alone, far from it. Depending on the narrative you wish to tell, the story could be set with garments that convey warmth and comfort, radiating an exciting, playful energy. The soft embrace of an oversized sweater, the playful tease of knee-high socks, the gentle caress of a tulle skirt, each can be a character in your story, waiting to play its part.

And what of the co-stars to your attire, the subtle yet profound accessories? Jewelry can be the punctuation to your visual sentence, the exclamation points to your expressions of self, a necklace to hint at elegance, bold earrings to demonstrate your zest to the world, perhaps a simple bracelet to display your grace or a seductive choker to display your edge.

What To Bring

Depending on the type of boudoir session and your preferences, here are things you can bring:

					Lingerie: Bras & Panties, Teddies, Babydolls, Etc.
Lingerie Add-ons: Stockings, Garters, Robes, Etc.
Non-Lingerie: Oversized Shirts, Sweaters, Dresses, Etc.
Slippers / Flip-flops
Stilettos / Heels
Jewelry: Necklaces, Rings, Bracelets, Etc.
Props & Toys

Other things you can bring, but I can also provide:

Body Oil
Body Wipes
Body / Outfit Tape

Hint: You can check out my Amazon Boudoir Storefront for my recommended items and brands.

Hint: There is a $300 session add-on that includes take – home lingerie that we can try on and decide on during the session.

Remember This

Never forget that in this wondrous odyssey of a boudoir experience, I stand not above you but beside you, as your partner, your confidant, your collaborator. This journey we are about to embark upon is not mine to decide alone, but ours to co-create. I invite you, therefore, to lay bare your thoughts, your concerns, your soaring aspirations for our shortly to come session. Our maturing connection serves as the very bedrock upon which your ease and self-assurance will bloom and blossom throughout our session.



I understand, oh how well I do, that standing at the very edge of this adventure can stir a storm of emotions within you, a mélange of anxiety knitted tightly with threads of exhilaration. It is an unmistakable sign that you are stepping beyond the bounds of your daily existence, venturing into the uncharted. It is completely normal, as we often find ourselves ensnared by worry when we break from our routines.

To this end, I echo my initial comments, carve out a sanctuary of time for yourself before our session. A day, at the least, where the world’s demands fall silent, allowing you to unfurl, to bask in the melodies of your favorite tunes, to meditate amidst the whispers of your soul, to breathe. Breath work, is a portal to tranquility, a balm for the spirit. Remember, you are investing not merely time and resources into this unique moment but a piece of your essence. Plan with care, but let not the tension of anticipation steal the beauty of now. Relax, for all will unfold as it should.