getting naked with strangers reduces anxiety

Getting Naked in Front of Strangers Reduces Anxiety

In today’s world, where there is a constant bombardment of images depicting an often unattainable ideal of beauty, many individuals struggle with body image issues and the resulting anxiety it can cause. A somewhat counterintuitive technique that has gained traction in helping individuals to combat such anxieties is the experience of getting naked in front of strangers, particularly in controlled and supportive environments like those provided during a boudoir session.

Boudoir photography is a style of intimate photography that is usually meant to be private, often featuring women in lingerie, partially clothed, or completely nude. As a sex and body positive boudoir photographer, I embrace a broad vision of boudoir that includes a variety of experiences ranging from classy to raw erotic sessions that welcome all body types, ages (18+), and ethnicities. It is an empowering experience that celebrates the unique beauty of each individual and encourages self-love and confidence.

I get it, the notion of disrobing in front of a stranger might initially induce a sense of vulnerability and anxiety. I mean, won’t it be super awkward and uncanny? While it may be awkward at first, it doesn’t last for long, many find that the process can be psychotherapeutic and liberating. There have been studies proving this, see: I Feel Better Naked.

Getting Naked With Strangers Breaks Down Barriers

By exposing one’s body, people confront their vulnerabilities head-on. This can help break down the mental barriers that shield them from accepting their appearance and diminish the power of insecurity.

Empowerment Through Vulnerability

For most people, the thought of being nude in front of strangers invokes feelings of extreme vulnerability and anxiety. However, as we know now, research has shown that purposefully exposing oneself in this way can actually lower anxiety and promote self-acceptance.

The theory behind this phenomenon relates to facing one’s insecurities head-on. Many people experience anxiety and stress due to negative thoughts and judgements about their bodies. This can stem from perceived “flaws,” comparisons to unrealistic media images, or a myriad of other factors. When we constantly cover up and hide our bodies, it reinforces the idea that there is something wrong or shameful about them.

Confronting these insecurities directly by stripping down in front of others defies these negative thought patterns. It forces an acknowledgement of the very things we are insecure about, and shows that being exposed does not result in the harsh criticism we imagine. As people become more comfortable being seen as they are, the power of their self-judgement diminishes. Rather than avoiding vulnerabilities, they have moved through them.

This is not to say that getting naked in front of groups is necessarily easy or advisable for everyone. For those with anxiety related to their bodies, there are steps that can be taken to slowly build comfort with exposure in a safe environment like boudoir. The therapeutic effects come from confronting ingrained insecurities, not from shocking oneself or crossing personal boundaries. With the right approach, decreasing layers of clothing can lead to decreasing layers of self-limiting beliefs.

By bravely facing their bare bodies and seeing that the world does not end, people find a new acceptance of themselves as they are. Their anxiety loses its grip as they realize they can be exposed, imperfections and all, and still be worthy of respect. The experience unravels mental barriers that previously shielded them from self-acceptance, allowing for a new freedom and confidence in their skin.

Normalization of Bodies

Exposure to diverse body types, including one’s own, helps normalize the vast range of human forms. Understanding that everybody is different and that there isn’t just one ‘ideal’ body type can reduce anxiety surrounding one’s body image.

Mainstream media and other industries have historically reinforced a specific ‘ideal’ body shape, which for many is unattainable and unrealistic. By purposefully exposing oneself to a variety of body types, the illusory nature of this ‘ideal’ is challenged. This exposure reveals the truth that there is no one correct or perfect way to have a body.

When diverse body types are normalized, what is considered the ‘standard’ body type becomes more inclusive. This shift in perception helps individuals understand that bodies come in an infinite variety, and all are normal. Over time, this can decrease the pressure to conform to a singular beauty standard.

Through exposure, people learn about the natural diversity of body forms influenced by genetics, ethnicity, lifestyle, age, and countless other factors. This education underscores that differences in appearance are to be expected and embraced.

Boudoir Photography Decreases Anxiety

A professional and supportive boudoir photographer ensures a safe, respectful, and confidential environment, which is crucial for the participant to feel comfortable. Once the initial barrier is crossed, the individual might perceive the naked body as less of a taboo, reducing feelings of anxiety over time.

Encouragement from the photographer and, subsequently, from seeing the beauty in their boudoir photographs can provide individuals with a tangible affirmation of their worth and beauty that is not contingent on conforming to social standards.

Undo the Taboo

Body and sex is still unfortunately a very taboo, topic, especially with the resurgence of puritan and birth of new movements choosing to avoid and restrain from any sexual or bodily desire as a way to be seen as superior or “holier-than-thou” during a time when chaos seems to unfold at every corner. The truth is, these new sexual restraining movements tend to make wellbeing a more difficult score. We are sexual beings, and being in touch with your body and sexuality will make you a more self-assured person, which will in turn be expressed with more empathy and kindness.

Choosing to share boudoir images can confront societal expectations about modesty and the public display of one’s body. It can serve as a form of protest against the idea that bodies should only be seen or celebrated under certain conditions.

Reclaim Your Narrative

There’s a strong sense of reclaiming one’s own body and narrative during a boudoir session. As individuals confront their self-perceived flaws, they may discover an inner strength and confidence.

During a boudoir session, the individual makes themselves emotionally and physically exposed, confronting aspects of their body or personality that they have previously felt insecure about. However, by taking ownership of these perceived flaws and imperfections, they are able to reclaim agency over their body and their personal narrative.

Rather than hiding their vulnerabilities, she embraces them through intimate photographs. This act requires great courage and inner strength. As the individual sees her beauty reflected through the camera lens, they may start to view themselves through a more compassionate, confident lens as well. The experience can be incredibly transformative, allowing her to make peace with the parts of themselves they once rejected.

By leaning into vulnerability, she taps into a deep well of resilience and self-acceptance. The session becomes an exercise in self-love, with the individual boldly declaring: this is me, unfiltered and bare. I am enough just as I am. This revelation has the power to ripple through all areas of her life, imbuing them with a renewed sense of confidence, freedom and possibility. Rather than disempowering, vulnerability can be the gateway to owning one’s narrative, flaws and all.

Sharing Your Boudoir Images Can Be Empowering

While some choose to keep their pictures private, others find that sharing them—with a partner, friend, or even publicly—can be an even more profoundly affirming experience. Some choose to share their boudoir photos not only on a photographer’s portfolio but with others in body-positive communities. This sharing fosters a sense of belonging and support, reducing feelings of isolation and anxiety that can accompany body image issues.

Sharing boudoir images, especially in body-positive spaces, helps build a community where encouragement, affirmation, and acceptance are the norms. Positive feedback and shared experiences can reinforce empowerment.

It can be a declaration of autonomy over one’s body and sexuality. It represents a personal choice to embrace and openly express one’s sensuality without shame or fear of judgment. By sharing their photos, people celebrate their bodies as they are, reinforcing self-acceptance and promoting body confidence. It’s a way of saying, “This is me, and I am proud,” which can be very liberating and empowering.

Boudoir sessions often commemorate a particular life stage or personal achievement, such as overcoming an illness, honoring a significant life change, or reaching a fitness goal. Sharing these images can amplify the sense of accomplishment and personal power.

Representation is Important

Seeing oneself represented—whether in media, art, or through platforms like body-positive boudoir photography—can affirm that all bodies are worthy of being seen and celebrated. Representation matters, as it fosters inclusion and recognizes the beauty in diversity.

When individuals share their images, they may also inspire others to feel more comfortable and confident in their skin. Witnessing someone else’s body positivity and fearlessness can be contagious.

The decision to share boudoir photos can be a strong counteraction to the negative self-talk that plagues so many. It creates a narrative of self-love that opposes any internalized messages of unworthiness or imperfection.


Getting naked with strangers can help reduce or completely remove anxiety around the body and appearance. Nudity should not have to be a taboo, especially when it comes with numerous psychological benefits not only with oneself but for society as a whole. Each person’s journey to self-acceptance is unique, and it may involve a wide variety of approaches, including boudoir, therapy, self-care practices, and surrounding oneself with positive influences.

Boudoir photography goes beyond the act of taking photos — it can be a transformative journey where women can confront their fears, embrace their authenticity, and appreciate their bodies as they are. The anxiety that once seemed insurmountable when thinking about one’s body could be lessened through this experience, leading to increased self-esteem and a more positive body image.



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