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How To Afford a Boudoir Session

Sometimes women need a helping hand in being able to afford a boudoir session, there is no shame in that. In fact, wanting to find a way to afford it is a sure sign that you are on the right track to a more fulfilling life. While others may close down and say, “I just can’t afford it” and excuse themselves out, you ask, “How can I afford it?” Investing in yourself yields the best returns, and it doesn’t need to be difficult to do so!

I will be going over the options you have for being able to afford your boudoir session with me.


Become a VIP

Become one of my VIPs to receive announcements and offers directly from me! Sometimes these offers are giveaways including vouchers and extremely discounted sessions. You can join the VIP club here.

Get on an Installment Plan

Installment plans are only recommended if you know you can afford to make the payments on time to avoid paying extra. For simple plans of 6 months or less, we can use Square’s credit options. For more extended plans, we would work something out. Just like my boudoir packages, payment plans can be customized. Do note that a down payment will be required.

Refer Other Women to Me

Perfect for those who are good at marketing or are just really sociable! Every person you refer that pays for a session grants you $300 off your session. So, you can accumulate the referrals until you have to pay little to none on your session!

Save Up for It

This one should be the most obvious but is often looked over. Why? Because no one likes waiting! We all want things fast, we have gotten used to information and products being only a click away. If there is no rush for a session, just save. Make a designated boudoir bank/wallet where you set funds aside every week or month. (Some online banks offer this feature.)

Many people have trouble doing this as they will go into the wallet to take some money out to splurge on something else, but if it becomes a habit, the cycle will never end and the goal will never be met. That is why I also offer a “boudoir bank”, it will work similarly to doing it yourself except the money will not be retrievable. You can also think of it as a payment plan, in which you need to have contributed the whole payment before the session. Payments can be set to recurring for a set it and forget it approach. 

Ask Your Closest Friends To Pitch In

This one works best for weddings, but can also work for other celebrations. Instead of having your friends look for something to get you, tell them that they can help you receive the best gift you can possibly receive, a boudoir session. Let them know your plans and that you need help paying for your session. 

Have It Gifted to You Completely

Ok, this one may be more difficult and sometimes happens without you even knowing what a boudoir session is, but instead of having multiple people come together to pay for it, try to see if there is one person who is better off that can take care of the whole cost. Usually, the ones who would gift a boudoir session are either someone you are intimate with or a very close friend who knows how amazing the experience is and wants you to experience it as well.  



P.S. We can also work out a custom package but do note that my minimum price is $2000 Start your free custom package consultation.

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