How to Prepare for Your Session

How to Prepare for Your Session

Glad you are interested in a session with me! Whether you already booked me or plan to, here’s what you should do before the session date. I suggest you do all if possible.

1. Clear Out a Few Days

My boudoir & erotic sessions are meant to be part of a sexual vacation where you will embark on a journey to self-love & sexual empowerment. Like any vacation, it is wise to have some buffer days. I recommend you clear out a minimum of three days, one before & one after your main session day. This ensures you won’t feel rushed or stressed during your session & makes timing more flexible.

2. Prepare Your Body


Let’s start this off with a reminder to stay hydrated!! Water is the most critical factor in healthy skin; drink plenty of it. Limit your processed food intake because it can cause inflammation and acne. Get those antioxidants in and eat lots of vegetables & fruits. Let’s not forget sleep! Get your beauty sleep. If you tan or want to, don’t tan at least a week before your photoshoot to avoid tan lines. If your skin is dry, moisturize your skin as needed. I recommend you exfoliate your skin as well. Do so a few days before your session to avoid redness.

Now let’s discuss body hair. Most clients opt for a full-body wax, which I also highly recommend. Make sure to also wax days before so your skin isn’t red and irritated. There are women who like having some hair down there, which is also fine. However, when wearing lingerie, it is ideal to be waxed or at least trimmed to avoid hairs from awkwardly sticking out from the sides.


If you are on a skincare kit, continue it. Get a facial if you can! A Spa might be best to help you relax, but there are many options for at-home facials out there. Also, get your eyebrows done, again, keeping in mind the redness after.

Unless it is a no-makeup session, remember to get your makeup done in the morning. If you are not much of a makeup user and don’t have much experience doing your own makeup, I highly recommend you book a professional makeup artist.


Maintain a good hair care routine. Talk to your hairstylist if you need help, they’ll know what is best for you. Get your hair done in the morning on the day of our session.

Nails, Hands, & Feet

Your hands & feet will be used in very sensual and creative ways, so they must be looking their best. Get a manicure & pedicure done. In regards to polish, I recommend white, black, red, or natural colors. At a minimum, wear clear nail polish so your nails don’t look dull. However, if your nails are dry & brittle, make sure you are getting plenty of vitamins & nutrients and look into the nail polish alternative: shellac.

3. Get Your Outfits Ready

Pick outfits that match the mood you are going for. Make sure they fit well, not too loose & not too tight, just right. But being a bit towards one side is fine and is common when purchasing lingerie online. Do remember that it is not only about lingerie, well depending on the mood again, but warm & comfy shoots can also include things like sweaters, knee-high socks, etc. Also, keep in mind the accessories, jewelry especially. If you need help picking outfits, I offer video call reviews, I can accompany you on a shopping session, or I can even purchase the outfits for you.

I know that this experience can be daunting & you might be feeling anxious yet excited but this only means you are doing something outside your normal routine. We tend to worry too much so going back to the 1st recommendation of clearing out at least a day before so that you can loosen up, listen to music, meditate & practice breathwork, etc. You will be spending a lot of time & resources for this special moment so plan well but relax; everything will be fine.

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