Why you should consider a male boudoir photographer.

Why You Should Consider a Male Boudoir Photographer

Do only females shoot boudoir photography?

It may seem that boudoir photography is mostly done by females. The reason for that thought is pretty obvious, due to the nature of the images it is believed that a female would make you feel “more comfortable” since you know… they have the same parts.

A female boudoir photographer might actually not be a good idea, here’s why…

The truth is that a female photographer can still make another female feel uncomfortable, especially if the client thinks she is beautiful or vise versa. It could lead to the client or the photographer feeling undermined. Or what if you two just don’t get along? From a primitive standpoint, genders of the same species see themselves as competition especially when it comes to sex & intimacy.

It’s not just a cliche skit that women talk behind / gossip about other females around them, especially when it comes to being around the men they want. You’ve seen mean girls, right? Of course, not all women get competitive but that instinct is still there somewhere, even in married women, heck, I overheard my mother’s super religious friend admit that she feels some envy when she’s around other females, including her!

What I am trying to say is that working with a female photographer is way more likely to lead to some bad tension in one way or another, before, during, or after your photoshoot. Bad tension is the number one boudoir experience killer.

Now let’s look at why a male photographer can possibly create sexier pictures

If you are a heterosexual (straight) female than of course being with a male in such an intimate setting will surely let your sexual energy flow out more freely.

A male will also capture your sexy in the best way possible. Research tells us that females are compelled to level the playing field by any means necessary, in photography, this could lead to not so sexy images, images that could have been just a bit better. Whether that be in lighting or angle, you get the idea. Plus even if she has your best interest in mind, males can capture sexy pictures in a way that a female photographer just won’t be able to do. A woman may assume what is considered a sexy pose or look but in reality, a man may not find it so enticing & may even find it awkward. We have a different perspective, that casual outfit a female photographer might feel is not sexy enough like a tank top, for example, may in fact be sexy from a man’s point of view if captured perfectly.

If you work with a high-quality male photographer like myself, you may even receive better images as I am able to see your inner beauty & sexiness as well which results in more personal & powerful images.

I also wanted to point out that intimate & erotic photography apart from boudoir is for the most part work done by men, think Maxim, Sports Illustrated, Playboy, as examples of well-known brands that hire male photographers.

At the end of the day, it is your decision, you should work with whoever has the style you like & who you know will make you feel amazing during your experience. I hope I was able to help you understand why working with a man may be the better choice!


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