Healing boudoir is about way more than just stunning photos – it dives deep into emotional and psychological well-being. The real magic happens through unlocking those inner layers, giving you a unique opportunity for personal growth and healing. By creating a safe, supportive space for you to explore your true self, my healing boudoir sessions help you tap into your own strength and resilience, which leads to greater self-awareness and acceptance. Whether you want a confidence boost, want to work through past struggles, or get in touch with your sensual side, a healing boudoir experience is designed to help. So if you’re ready to start your journey of self-discovery, acceptance and healing, consider stepping into the world of boudoir with me.




At the core of the healing boudoir is its intimate nature. It’s an experience that’s deeply personal and tailored to your individual journey. You will be reclaiming your body, your sensuality, and your self-worth. The intimate environment created during the session serves as a safe space for you to let go, express yourself, and embark on a path of healing and transformation through physical & non-physical intimacy.

Oh, the heart of the matter isn’t in the poses or the sheer allure – it’s about the raw, unfiltered journey of growth that blooms from the session. Beyond the aesthetics, what really gives a picture its soul is the genuine emotion and the stories whispered within its frame.

This session? It’s far more than a showcase of your outer beauty. It’s an intimate escapade into the intricate web of your own stories, your soft spots, your resilience. By letting your emotional guards down, you light up a beacon for your authentic self to step forward, dazzling in its truth. This openness doesn’t just add authenticity to each shot; it transforms them into timeless masterpieces, dribbling with the pure essence of YOU.

Our emotional tango sets the stage for trust, allowing you to revel in your full glory, in an environment that’s as nurturing as a gentle embrace. Here, in this judgment-free zone, you’re free to explore the depths of your sensuality and vulnerability, with every emotion captured – be it a mischief-filled chuckle, a deep, soul-searching gaze, or a stance brimming with untamed confidence.

When emotion weaves its way through the fabric of your healing boudoir session, oh, the images! They morph into more than just snapshots; they crystallize as milestones of your personal voyage. They don’t just capture your physical grace; they narrate your emotional valor & your leaps of self-love, reminding you of the power that surges from embracing everything that makes you, YOU.

There’s something downright healing about getting close and personal, not just in the physical sense but on a deeper soul level. When I bring the element of touch into a boudoir shoot, it’s like taking off to an entirely different dimension. This isn’t just about snapping gorgeous photos; it’s an intimate dance of the mind and body, a journey of discovery, release, and stepping into your power.

The beauty of touch? It’s like your body’s secret language for healing and rejuvenation. A tender, purposeful caress can melt away tension, whisper to you to relax, and kindle that inner glow of positive vibes. It’s not just touch; it’s heartfelt communication without the babble – it’s saying, “I see you, I feel you,” in the most comforting way possible.

Embracing touch in our session is like opening a door to yourself you didn’t even know was there. It’s an invitation to be utterly in the moment, to love up on your physical self, and to gently shove aside any shadows of doubt or self-criticism. Imagine being cocooned in a touch that’s all about creating a haven – a place where being vulnerable is as easy as breathing, and where that openness paves the way for genuine emotional healing.

And then, there’s the connection. Bringing touch into the mix weaves this incredible bond between us, steeped in mutual respect and a profound understanding. It’s the foundation that lets you shimmy out of your shell, bare your soul (and perhaps a tad more), all without an ounce of fear. This kind of trust? It’s golden, essential for diving deep into your feelings & sensuality without holding back.


Experience the healing power of tantra & boudoir. Tantra is a holistic, all-embracing practice. By utilizing specific Tantra techniques, your entire body is cleansed and purified. Furthermore, your system is trained on the effective utilization of both powerful internal and external energy sources for optimal health and healing.

Infusing a dash of tantra into a boudoir shoot? Oh, it’s like adding that secret ingredient that turns a dish from delicious to divine. This isn’t just photography; it’s a spiritual and sultry voyage of self-unveiling, closeness, & soulful mending. Tantra, with its mindful connections and the dance of energies, nudges a boudoir session into a realm where emotions swirl and flow freely, empowerment blooms, & self-awareness deepens.

Tantra’s essence in our shared space is all about being here, truly here, soaking in each sensation, riding every emotion, and tuning in to the energy currents swirling within. It’s this mindful immersion that transforms our session from a physical moment to a symphony of mind, body, & spirit in exquisite harmony.

And then, there’s the touch – oh, but not just any touch. Through tantra, touch morphs into a profound exchange of energies, a tender conductor of emotional symphonies. With each gentle caress, trust deepens, walls crumble, and a door to your unguarded self swings wide open. The energy we weave together not only breathes life into the photographs but bathes you in a light of renewal and strength.

Embracing tantra in our work together is like declaring your body a temple of energy and allure. It’s an invitation to cast away self-doubt and to cloak yourself in self-admiration, fostering a love affair with your own form. Celebrating the unique stories etched in every curve ignites a spark of confidence and self-acceptance, guiding you closer to the heart of your own magnificence.



$ 6000


$ 7500


$ 9000


These sessions are akin to a bespoke potion brewed precisely for your soul. Now, I cannot reveal the exact recipe as it molds itself to fit you like silk on skin, yet allow me to draw back the curtain ever so slightly on this mystical set.

Our overture commences with a warm-up and counseling. This is where we light the taper, gently illuminating the crevices of your being, listening not only to the words you speak but to the tales whispered by your soul. This is a concerto of comfort, where trust is both the melody and harmony, setting the stage for the magic to unfold.

Then, we address the demons of the past, the negative thoughts and emotions that shadow your brilliance. Imagine this as an emotional exfoliation, sloughing away the dross to reveal the unblemished radiance beneath. And fear not, for in this vulnerable unveiling, you shall find nothing but warmth, comfort, and perhaps a tender embrace or two. Here, you are safe; here, you are seen.

Now, we begin to weave the golden thread of connection between your mind, body, and soul. This is not merely a practice but an invocation, summoning a serene strength from within. And as for the other relieving activities, let’s keep a hint of mystery, shall we? Suffice to say, they are the secret ingredients that add a particular je ne sais quoi to the potion.

Ah, and then, only then, when you are ready, the photo session. I pull out a trove of outfits for you to explore. This is not merely sexy photography; it is the capturing of your essence, a celebration of your transformation. Every click a testament to your journey, every image a mirror reflecting your reborn radiance.

For those dedicated souls embarking on the 24-hour retreat, you are invited to delve deeper into the arcane. This is where we dance by moonlight, invoking deeper healing rituals and luxuriating in a revitalizing night of sleep, set in the sanctity of sanctuary.


  • I will listen to you
  • I will never rush you
  • I will encourage and empower you
  • I will grant your wishes, needs, & desires
  • I will be myself so you can be yourself
  • I will make sure you are comfortable
  • I will give you the attention you deserve
  • I will make you feel like the queen you are
  • I will maintain strict confidentiality

I provide an unmatchable healing experience with the power of boudoir. The reason: I am not just a photographer; I am an empowerer, a healer, a listener, and more. 

I will work with you to create an experience custom-tailored to you. Although I offer predefined packages, they are simply a base for deliverables and have nothing to do with session theme, etc. I take many factors into account, such as reasons for the session, relationship status, levels of confidence, comfort, experience, and so much more. 

This boudoir experience is extremely intimate, as such, our relationship should match. I want you to view me as someone you can trust and come back to, even if it’s not related to my work. 


Healing boudoir sessions provide an exquisite blend of the sensual and the therapeutic, often incorporating the delicate yet profound power of physical touch. This element is eternally woven into the human experience, serving as a balm for both the body and soul, a silent language that speaks volumes of care, understanding, and connection.

Within the sacred confines of these sessions, physical touch may manifest in myriad forms, each with its own unique energy and intention. While not guaranteed – for the boundaries of comfort and consent are paramount and respected above all – the potential for such tactile engagements is vast and varied.

Holding hands, for instance, becomes not just a mere contact but a gesture of support and solidarity. It’s an intimate reassurance, a soft but firm anchor in vulnerability, offering a sense of safety as one navigates through their personal journey of self-exploration and acceptance.

Hugs, in their warm embrace, act as a haven of comfort and affection. They envelop you in a sense of belonging, melting away the walls we build around our hearts. It’s an unspoken affirmation that you are not alone, that here, in this moment, you are held, understood, and cherished.

Caressing, with its gentle strokes, speaks to the longing for tenderness that resides within us all. It’s a dialogue of touch that awakens the skin, stirring emotions and memories lying dormant beneath its surface. This contact can be a reminder of one’s worthiness of care and love, a whisper to the soul that it’s okay to allow closeness and warmth.

Cuddling, a tender nesting of bodies, offers a sanctuary of relaxation and peace. It encourages a profound connection, not only with another but with oneself, facilitating a rediscovery of comfort, trust, and the simple, pure joy of being held.

Massages, can be both a physical and emotional release. They bridge the divide between tension and tranquility, coaxing the body into a state of ease and openness. Through targeted touch, massages can unravel knots of stress, both literal and metaphorical, ushering in a state of rejuvenation and clarity.

And then there’s tantra, a sacred practice that transcends the physical to touch the spiritual, celebrating the confluence of energies. It invites a deeper exploration of intimacy, sensuality, and connection, encouraging participants to experience pleasure and understanding on a profoundly transformative level.

In every touch, there is potential for healing, for rediscovery, for connection. 

Please arrive in cozy yoga or active wear. Let it serve not only for our exercises but as your initial layer of comfort, a soft transition from the outside world into our shared sanctuary of healing and empowerment. 

You will have a collection of outfits awaiting your selection, consider them not merely as fabrics and threads but as invitations to an adventure of self-discovery. Imagine each outfit as a key, unlocking and embracing different facets of your persona.

The provided lingerie collection is not simply about aesthetic appeal; it’s a means for exploration, a way to navigate the complex geography of your identity and desires. It’s about finding the visual vocabulary that speaks your truth, amplifies your sensual energy, and echoes the depths of your soul. 

Please do not arrive with makeup on, not only are we focusing on internal & natural beauty but during the warm-up actives, it may smear. Makeup can be applied after for the photo session. If you want to have makeup for the photos, I recommend you do your own makeup, so do bring it with you. You need to feel the experience in your day to day bare & cosmetic states. Professional makeup is an occasional occurrence, you need to get comfortable with your daily aspect first, so you can love & appreciate yourself.

Firstly, there is no relationship status requirement, but please keep in mind, these sessions are highly intimate.

If you are in an unfavourable or toxic relationship that is not working, hence why you are here looking to heal and grow, I highly suggest you disconnect from that person beforehand.


This experience is for you if you answer yes to at least one of the following questions:

Do conversations about body and sex make you shy away? 

Do you feel like you are not sexy enough? 

Do you get jealous of other women? 

Do you feel like men don’t notice you? 

Do you hold a grudge against an EX?

Do you find it difficult to connect with or trust people after an abusive relationship?

Have you been single for a long time or never been in a relationship?

Do you feel like you can be more? 

Do you feel like you’re stuck in life? 

For your convenience, I accept many popular payment methods, including Venmo, Apple Pay, Zelle, bank transfers, checks, and even bitcoin.

To lock in a date and have the contract put together, there is a $1,000 payment due as soon as possible. This payment guarantees that the date is all yours, meaning I will stop promoting such time as available. Thus, the payment is non-refundable. The remainder is to be paid after signing. 

Similarly, if on an installment plan, there is still a $1,000 minimum down payment that is due as soon as possible to lock in a date and create the contract. Payments will then need to be paid as per the agreement.

Session add-ons such as additional pictures, payment, will be due at the time of purchase. Prints and albums can be purchased and paid for using a credit card within the Boudoir app.

I believe that a healing boudoir session should be accessible to every woman, I take a flexible and accommodating approach to payment, offering customizable payment plans to suit the preferences and needs of my clients. This ensures that this journey of healing remains within everyone’s reach, without compromising the exclusivity and bespoke nature of the experience.

We can work out a personalized payment plans that allow you to spread the cost of your session over a period of time, easing the financial aspect and making it more manageable. I will work closely with you to understand your budget and financial preferences, crafting a plan that aligns with your circumstances. Whether it’s arranging for monthly installments or setting up a specific schedule that fits your financial flow, I aim to make the process as seamless and stress-free as possible.

are you ready
to heal?