Yoni Massage

Experience a journey of profound self-discovery and sensual healing with a yoni massage. Elevate your well-being with this transformative practice that promotes emotional healing and empowers you to reconnect with your own feminine desire, pleasure, and vitality.

What's a yoni massage?

Yoni massage, derived from the ancient tantric traditions, is a holistic and intimate practice that focuses on healing, empowerment, and deep connection. The term "yoni" is Sanskrit for the female genitalia and is often used in tantric philosophy to denote a sacred and revered space.

During a yoni massage, I use gentle and nurturing touch to guide you through a tantric journey.

The practice incorporates various techniques, including soft touch, feather-light strokes, and even energy work, all aimed at promoting a sense of comfort, pleasure, and healing. The massage is not solely focused on the genitalia; it often extends to the surrounding areas, including the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, and breasts, to create a holistic and interconnected experience.


Yoni massage encourages women to reconnect with their bodies and energy, shed any shame or negative feelings associated with their sensuality, and embrace their innate beauty. It’s a practice that can foster emotional release, aid in the healing of past traumas, and empower individuals to reclaim their sexuality on their terms. Many women report feeling a profound sense of relaxation, heightened sensitivity, and a newfound appreciation for their bodies after a yoni massage.

It’s important to note that a yoni massage is intended to be a therapeutic and spiritual practice rather than a purely sexual one. Consent and communication are crucial to ensuring a safe and respectful experience.


3-hour yoni massage: 900

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Common questions

This experience is for any woman.  

Age*, height, body shape, sexual orientation, or relationship status does not matter. 

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Please bring comfortable, lightweight yoga wear. 

Gowns & towels provided.