Surrogate Partner Therapy For Women

surrogate partner therapy for women

What is surrogate partner therapy?

Surrogate partner therapy, also known as sex surrogate therapy, surrogate therapy, surrogate partner therapy, or surrogate-assisted therapy, is a form of therapy that involves the use of physical and emotional intimacy to address various sexual issues or concerns that individuals may be facing.

Sex surrogate therapy is often used to assist individuals or couples in overcoming challenges related to sexual dysfunction, anxiety, trauma, intimacy issues, or difficulty forming and maintaining healthy sexual relationships. It’s important to note that this therapy is not solely focused on providing sexual activity; it also involves therapeutic techniques, communication exercises, and emotional support to help clients develop a healthier understanding of their own bodies, emotions, and sexual interactions.

The therapy process may involve a series of sessions where the surrogate partner (me) works with the client to gradually address and alleviate their sexual concerns. These sessions are conducted in a safe and controlled environment, with clear boundaries and guidelines in place to ensure the well-being of all parties involved.

Who can benefit from surrogate partner therapy?

  • women with body dysmorphia, negative body image, or physical disfigurement
  • women with shame around sex due to upbringing, religion, or society
  • women with sexual, physical, or emotional abuse or trauma
  • women who have phobias, avoidance, or anxieties about touch, sex, and intimacy
  • women with lack of self-confidence or sexual confidence
  • women with anorgasmia or orgasmic inhibition, have limited or weak orgasms, or have never experienced orgasm 
  • women who have low arousal or sex drive
  • women questioning their sexual orientation
  • women with medical conditions or genital pain, such as vaginismus or vulvodynia
sex surrogate partner therapy

Phases of surrogate partner therapy

These are the usual phases of surrogate partner therapy. Though, keep in mind that every client & session is different. We may stay in a certain phase for longer, cut it short, or skip a phase all together.

1 Ice breaking. We’ll start off with fun *clothed* exercises. During the first phase, touch is light & friendly: hand holding, hugs, & cuddles.

2 Laying the ground. Sex education basics, safety, consent & more. We will work our way to mutual nudity, followed by masturbation.

3 Partial intimacy. In this phase, we will begin to use sensual touch. You do not have to touch back or concern yourself with pleasing me.

4 Full Intimacy. It’s time to explore your sexuality and work through every problem. Anything from mutual masturbation to intercourse may be done. 

5 Reflection & closure. We will celebrate your successes, & reflect on our work. Then we will bring our relationship to a close.


Because I currently travel and reserve a studio close to my clients, I am only offering intensives and retreats, which are available at a discounted rate of 150/hour (normally 300/hour). 

3h Daily

3-hour sessions daily for 1–3 weeks.


Full day sessions, choose from 24h, 48h, or 72h.

New here? Welcome!

In order to book, you will need to fill out my new client form.

Previous clients (of any service) do not need to fill out this form, reach out to me directly via text.

About your surrogate partner

Hi! I’m Jonathan. As your surrogate partner, I will give you my utmost care & respect. My approach aims to establish a foundation of trust, intimacy, and non-judgmental openness. With this base established, the session will flow freely and without bounds or worries while maintaining open communication. My SPT sessions welcome you to be you, ask any question, and voice any desire.