boudoir photoshoot location ideas

Boudoir Photoshoot Location Ideas

Struggling to decide where to have your boudoir photoshoot? In this post, I will go over where you can have your photoshoot. Your Own Home This is the most obvious but also a great one. I enjoy photographing my clients in their own homes because it helps add that personal…

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Boudoir Photoshoot Excuses Debunked

5 Boudoir Photoshoot Excuses Debunked

Is your mind trying to talk you out of a boudoir photoshoot? Common excuses for women on the fence about whether or not to have an intimate photoshoot like boudoir is always along the lines of “What if I am not sexy enough?” or even worse “I don’t have a…

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What is boudoir?

What Is Boudoir? Here’s an In Depth Look

The word “boudoir” (pronounced “boo·dwaar “) originally referred to a women’s private room where she would relax and take a break from the busy life of being a woman. Now in modern times, boudoir is usually referring to boudoir photography. Boudoir photography is a type of intimate photography in which…

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Benefits of a boudoir session.

The 5 Benefits of a Boudoir Session

Want to know the benefits of a boudoir session? Questioning whether or not you should book a boudoir session? You should and I will lay out the top 5 benefits to doing so. Read about all of them & when you make it to the end there’s a bonus one!…

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Why you should consider a male boudoir photographer.

Why You Should Consider a Male Boudoir Photographer

Do only females shoot boudoir photography? It may seem that boudoir photography is mostly done by females. The reason for that thought is pretty obvious, due to the nature of the images it is believed that a female would make you feel “more comfortable” since you know… they have the…

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